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Free Energy Freie Energie Energia Libre

Welcome to
The International Open Source Free Energy Research Forum

free energy  will change the world - free energy will stop all environmental pollution

Free energy will help to heal the planet earth.
In our disccusion forum we talk about all kinds of free energy and alternative
and renewable energy systems.
The world will soon be very green without any pollution and any chemical fuel polutants
with this new  technolgy.
What Tesla has begun in the 19th and 20th century we will now bring to
market in the 21th century.
With permanent magnet motors and Solid State magnet free energy convertes into the future.

free energy will give us hope
and we will not surrender until free energy will be enabled all over the world to power cars, ships and trains and
Free energy will help the poor to become independent of needing expensive fuels.

So all in all Free energy will bring far more peace to the world than any other invention has already brought to the world.

Please press the Community button to go to the discussion forum.

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Please help stop CHEMTRAILS !

Please help to stop toxic Chemtrails !

Please call your congressman today and tell him
this must stop NOW and form local groups to
fight the toxic chemtrail spraying !