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Author Topic: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity  (Read 29427 times)


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how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« on: February 17, 2012, 06:38:50 AM »
 Best Perpetual Motion machine‏ 
FW: self generating electricity‏
Gift from God
I feel excited, and extremely blessed, to be the one used as God’s pen, to tell the world of this mechanism. This miracle is a way of letting electricity generate itself, using time and the circumference difference of two pulleys, so that no fuel is needed, only time is used to multiply electric power. This means that no steady cost of fuel is needed, nor is there any pollution created by the process. That’s right, I will tell you how anyone can get electricity to generate itself, without having to have, nor having to be in an electric wheelchair,,, lol. (I say this because it was my electric wheelchair that helped me think of and prove this idea really works) We could all have our own stand alone, self powering electric generators, that could be producing a seemingly endless supply of free electricity. It is easy enough to build, as all you need is a twelve volt battery, two 12 Volt motors, one large pulley, at least one small pulley, a belt that fits the pulleys, and the hardware to put these parts together.(nuts + bolts + framing to mount on)
((along with electronics, such as wires and a bridge rectifier and a voltage regulator,))
((all of which could be easily built on a simple proto-board))
(you might even be able to use any voltage motors - even 120 Volt)
It is a very simple mechanism in its workings, as you put power into the motor with the big pulley attached, and you take power out from the motor-(generator) with the small pulley attached. The output motor, or several motors even, the one(s) with the small pulley attached, rotates a lot faster,(more rotations per second) than your input motor. There is a belt connecting the two,(or more) motors together, that can be as small as you want, depending on if you required size constraints, or as large as you want, to accommodate multiple output generators,,, like in our petrol fuelled power stations. I cannot be sure, without having results from tests, but I think that we can gain more power, with every generator that you add with a small pulley. But there is a warning that I have to give you, of a possible hazardous flaw in this free electricity generating system.
If this system is allowed to run freely,
without having any outside drain of power,
this system will overcharge itself,
and may even explode.
So, please,,,
be careful when experimenting with this mechanism.

Maybe this should be called an Energy Multiplier,
as you always need at least a little power,
to generate the greater amount of power.
            I believe that we have been given a great gift, one that I think can help the whole world. The thing is,,, that I do not have sufficient funds to get the patent for this invention myself. This is where I wanted the Canadian government to step in and patent this idea, so that our citizens do not have to pay taxes any more,,, lol. I imagine that the royalties from this could not only replace our taxes, but would soon repay our national dept. Especially since, I can see all nations soon making laws regarding the need to convert to this non polluting form of producing electrical energy.
Why not let electricity make itself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
- take this serious, it does work, take a close look at this,,,
- build a proto-type and prove it works.
This is a free source of energy.
I will demonstrate my gain of power to anyone at any time,,,,,,,,,,,
I went to the local paper, and submitted an earlier version of my description of this
But I guess that my description of it, and how I proved that it worked was not good enough, because they did not print my earlier writing and diagram. (not as detailed)
This discovery (a self generating electricity multiplier)
                   (((I already sent the Canadian government this, with no reaction.)))
(((Maybe they would better understand this description))) 
Sorry, but I did not have the money to buy, nor do I know of anybody that I can ask to loan me, any kind of Mechano set. What I needed was a toy that is for building things, (like Lego) that has motors and pulleys, so that I could build a prototype of this mechanism. I guess that is one of the reasons that I have decided to send this to the Canadian government, to see if they will patent it. But I most want to see if we Canadian’s can put this out on the web, so that all people can have their own free electricity generators. Even though I truly hope that our Canadian government does take this serious enough, to take a patent out on, so that we do not have to pay taxes anymore,,, lol.
I believe in, and try to live by the Bible,,,
I speak of  (Mat 10:8) = “freely ye have received, freely give.”
Why not let electricity make itself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Take this serious, it does work, if you will take a close look at this,,,
This is a free source of energy from God.
I will demonstrate my gain of power to anyone at any time,,,,,,,,,,,
Guess what,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 I think that God has shown me something awesome,
Something miraculous,
 He has shown me how to get electricity to generate itself.
I have stumbled upon the
Yes,,,,, and even better than perpetual,,,,
,,, this machine actually makes its own power,
as in – this system uses passing time to gain electrical energy,
yessss,,, we can let electricity generate itself,,,,,,,,,,,,,
No more dependency on OIL, and the middle east oil supplies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  = and the world says,
Now hold on just a moment,,,
I know that this is not a true example of perpetual motion,,,
Because of bearings alone,
or should I say, the fact that they will wear out eventually,
That is why I added the word “machine” afterwards,
This is a man made machine,
Which only mimics perpetual motion,
As it continues to run, seemingly forever,
Producing electricity as a bonus,
And how, you might add, did I come up with this,
I didn’t, it was God,(Holy Spirit) Who showed this to me,
And I think God deserves all the credit,,,

 This great invention,,,
is my electric wheelchair,,,,,,,
 When I go up + down hills,
 I gain power,,,
 As in, a net gain of energy,
 After going up and down a steep hill,

 This is a gift from God,,,
            As He has shared this with me,
                        To share with the world,
I do not know why my Lord has chosen to share this with me, at this time,
       Maybe it is because my Father knows that time is short,
and He wants to show all mankind,
     just one more way that He is Love,,,
God has shown me,
a way of gaining free energy,
seemingly from nothing,
This came to me when I was over visiting at the park,
       I was thinking about how electricity worked,
and how my electric chair had the ability to charge itself,
      on most any type of downhill run,
                        (as it uses an electrical breaking system)
I don’t know if you know anything about me or not,
      but learning new things is one of my greatest pleasures
When investigating how things work,,,
I always have to push the limits,,, lol
                        not only learning how things works,
                                but then tinker with trying to improve them,,,,, lol
 I went with the idea of a ten speed bicycle, (something that I knew about)
       Where I wanted to go uphill in tenth gear, (least rotations of the pedals)=motor
            and then downhill in first gear, (most rotations of pedals)=motor
                   so, I would go uphill at full speed,
                        and then downhill at slow speed
                               So,,, now I had something to experiment with,
                                      now I had measurable tests to do,
I started off with a low battery, (so that I did not have the power to drive all the way up)
       driving up a steep hill at the park in the full speed position, (tenth gear)
             (until my chair would not go any further, as my battery was dead)
                   and then going back down the hill in slow speed, (first gear)
                        (not super slow, as I had time limits = only 4-6 hours of sunlight left)
                               Then I immediately turned around, and went back up at full speed,
                                      And guess what happened,,,,
       I could travel twenty feet higher up the hill,
                                               so, I had a net gain of electricity,,, (a blessing from God)
Logic and common sense says,
     that you will have energy losses,
do to heat from friction if nothing else,
                  causing you to not be able to make it as far up the hill,
the second time you drive up it,
Well, I first thought that this might just be a strange happening,
       so I did it again and again, doing it three times,
            each time gaining twenty more feet, up a steep hill, =(60 feet)
                  Not only did I do it three times that day,
                        but I later thought that this went against logic, (I must have dreamed it)
                               and I did the whole experiment over,
                                    with the same electricity gaining results
I know that there are inner workings of the motor + drive system,
       that I have not even roughly looked into,
            to find out why + how it works like a 10 speed,
                   Sorry, but I have no time to color + shade in this drawing,
                        I could only give you this rough sketch,
                               and let others get the enjoyment of coloring in the details,
                                    I only hope that God will let you enjoy,
                                          at least some of the thrills that I have experienced,
when He showed the amazing reasoning to me,
 I was not sure if this was something patentable or not,
      as it uses things that are already in existence, 2 motors, 2 pulleys and a battery
            but if it is patentable,,, I knew that I could not
                   Could I ask you to donate some of the profits to the Church,
                        as I think that it would a wise decision,
                               to pay back something to the Creator of this idea,
                                    Please read (Luke 18:29-30)
I later found a site on the web that said
    That if you published something on the web
            But did not choose to patent it
                 You would open it up to be used freely by everybody
                        So,,, this was the choice I decided on
                            To put the plans out on the web for all to use freely
Someone could easily build a self supplying energy producing power supply,
     With a 12v battery, two motors, a small and large pulley, and a belt,
            You connect the motor with the big pulley up as a power in, driver motor,
                   And then connect the motor,(s) with the small pulley to be used as an output
                         When you put power into the drive motor,
                              You get out a multiple of this power, (on each of the out generators)
                                    Compared to the size difference of the drive motor, (large pulley)
                                          And your output or generator motor. (small pulley)
[font=] [/font]


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2012, 06:57:11 AM »
How many threads now? I see three so far.

I am truly sorry... but you need to get some help.

Your idea is very nearly the oldest one in the book... the only ones older are the Besseler wheel, the SMOT, and the simple mo-gen, which avoids the complication of the pulleys and belts by simply having the motor shaft drive the generator shaft directly.

Did you really charge up your wheelchair's batteries by the method you describe? Why not borrow a video camera and repeat the feat. If you can really charge up your chair that way.... I'd like to contact the manufacturer. Quickly.


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2012, 06:34:09 PM »
Hi   one_christian_warrior

please film your running device on video and disconnect for a while the battery
and let us see, that it does not die.

Please post this to youtube and post the link here.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2012, 05:08:35 PM »
If you can really charge up your chair that way.... I'd like to contact the manufacturer. Quickly.

Brian Coats

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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #5 on: July 21, 2012, 10:38:26 AM »
You did not provide enough information on the AC Motor. A Normal AC motor will not generate a current without electricity applied. Perhaps this one had magnets in it? I am confused on how the AC was generated. Could you please specify a bit on that particular part of the system you have brought?


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #6 on: July 22, 2012, 06:55:17 AM »
Hey man, if this is legit, then this device will change the world and it is of big importance to all people, especially those who need electricity just to survive. If all this is true and you are giving it out for free, then do a step by step tutorial in youtube for people that dont even know about basic electricity. Hope you have success.

Tito L. Oracion

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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #7 on: July 22, 2012, 07:08:11 AM »
@ ocw

want this system possible?, then  PULSE IT!  >:(


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #8 on: July 22, 2012, 03:20:54 PM »
@ ocw

want this system possible?, then  PULSE IT!  >:(

Just how UFOPOLITICS did to his motors?

Good day!


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #9 on: July 22, 2012, 10:34:54 PM »
Hi folks, Hi onechristianwarrior, thanks for sharing, are you still out there.
I wonder If this needs a heavy mass like the Tilly setup that was based on a setup from a man I think by the name of Wilson, on a farm that used a very large diameter wooden table with nails on edge to hold the very long belt pulley.
This man also said, that it ran itself and a load, until the nails worked themselves loose.
Then we have Lawrence Tseung's large pulsed wheel that leads out excess energy.
Then we have the Chas Campbell heavy mass wheel system with pulley ratios.
I feel the list of people claiming excess energy from devices like this, that there is something to it.

If onechristianwarrior's device does not need a heavy mass flywheel, then I could see using a bicycle wheel, either somehow attach directly to wheel or attach a motor to the pedal axle system and use the gearing, then we can use the tire to contact the shaft of a generator/motor/etc., this would give a large step up ratio, like 1 to 50, plus the sprocket gearing ratio.
Though it might be said, that his weight and the electric scooters mass could be deemed a flywheel mass, so maybe a flywheel mass is needed.
Anyone contemplating giving this a try.
peace love light
tyson ;)


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #10 on: July 23, 2012, 03:07:10 PM »
I was amazed by the simplicity of your design but your idea is already been built by chas campbel. The only difference between chas campbel and your idea is he added flywheel in between the motor and genetor connected by a pulley to extract more power from a dc motor. I think chas campbel system is the improve version of yours. I know  really how chas campbel system and maybe your idea get overunity. If you are interested to know you can pm me.


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Re: how my electric wheel is used to multiply electricity
« Reply #11 on: July 24, 2012, 03:01:05 AM »
The only thing was Chas Campbells was not over unity.