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Bruce DePalma - Inertial Field Experiment

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Stefan (et al),
You may recall me from the days I served as Bruce DePalma's personal secretary from 1988-1997.  Many years have passed since his untimely death, and I continue to be possessed by a sense of loyalty to his work and memory.
In short, I strongly encourage anyone in the field of science & technology to pursue the replication of this pioneering experiment conducted originally by DePalma:

Appendix 1 - 18 June 1975

Simple Experimental Test for the Inertial Field of a Rotating Real Mechanical Object


Introduction: For the last five years, this investigator and others1, have studied the mechanical properties of rotating objects for the purpose of application of certain heretofore undiscovered properties of rotation to new forms of propulsion machinery and machines with anti-gravitational effect. The course of this investigator has not been to try to perfect new propulsion machinery, per se, but however to thoroughly investigate the phenomena of rotation.

The result of a great deal of experimentation (see appendix), has resulted in a picture which relates the performance of certain non-conventional machinery: Dean, Laithwaite, Wolfe, DePalma, to a variable inertia property which can be engendered through motion of a rotating object.

In terms of the acceptance of a new body of information relating to the properties of rotating objects and variable inertia, a simple experiment has to be devised which clearly demonstrates the new phenomena. In the performance of experiments with large rotating flywheels, there are great experimental difficulties which result from experimenting on the large rotating flywheels themselves. Through a series of corroborating experiments it has been established the anisotropic inertial properties of a rotating object are conferred on the space around the object. That is to say the space around a rotating object will have conferred upon it an inertial anisotropy. Let us ascribe this to the setting up of an od (odd) field through rotation of a real physical object. The purpose of the experiment to be described is the determination of one of the properties of an od field. The anisotropic inertia property.

The Experiment: A good way to detect a field whose effect is a spatial inertial anisotropy is to use a time measurement based on an inertial property of space and compare it to a remote reference. With reference to figure ( 1 ) we have a situation where the timekeeping rate of an Accutron tuning fork regulated wrist watch is compared to that of an ordinary electric clock with a synchronous sweep second hand.

The Accutron timepiece is specified to be accurate to one minute a month. Examination of the relative time drift of the Accutron - electric clock combination shows a cumulative drift of .25 second Accutron ahead for 4 hours of steady state operation. This is within the specification of the watch.

Figure 1 -- (see hyperlink below)

With the flywheel spinning at 7600 r.p.m. and run steadily for 1000 seconds (17 minutes), the Accutron loses .9 second relative to the electric clock.

Much experimentation has shown that the effect is greatest with the position of the tuning fork as shown. Magnetic effects from leakage fields from the gyro drive motors are almost entirely absent; any remaining leakage is removed by co-netic magnetic shielding. The Accutron is also in a "non-magnetic" envelope.

The purpose of the experiment is a simple demonstration of one of the effects of the od field of a rotating object. The demonstration may easily be repeated using any one of a variety of rotating objects, motor flywheels, old gyrocompasses, etc. The rotating mass of the flywheels used in these experiments is 29 1/2 pounds. The rotational speed of 7600 r.p.m. is easily accessible. The effect is roughly proportional to the radius and mass of the rotating object and to the square of the rotational speed.

Finer measurements can be made using an external electrically powered tuning fork oscillator and an electronic frequency counter. In this case the inertial anisotropy of the od field of a rotating object can be much more quickly and precisely measured. Field strength lines can be plotted along contours of constant frequency shift for the two orientation conditions of fork vibration direction parallel to, and perpendicular to, the axis of rotation of the test object.

Conclusions and Observations: The proper conclusions and evaluations of the above experiment will affect present conceptions of Cosmology. Before this can happen, simple tests must be performed to show the existence of a new phenomenon. It is hoped the apparatus for the performance of these tests is widely enough available to lead to quick verification.

Bruce DePalma

1) Eric Laithwaite, John S. Wolfe, Edward Delvers, Bruce dePalma

Appendix: Axial moment of inertia measurements of constrained gyroscopes, pendulum experiments demonstrating anisotropic inertia of a rotating body. (available from Bruce dePalma)

* Tewari has investigated the co-rotating Faraday homopolar motor. He calls it the Space Power Motor or SPM. The increased torque available when rotating is mitigated by a "slippage" which increases with rotational speed. Over a certain speed range the product of the two effects can result in a superior machine.

* Appendix 1 - "Simple Experimental Test for the Inertial Field of a Rotating Real Mechanical Object"

Published as: "The Tuning Fork Experiment" in: "Is God Supernatural"

R. L. Dione, Bantam Book Pbl. Co., 1976


It is my belief this experiment is among the most seminal in the New Physics.  It demonstrates the existence of an inertial anisotropy produced by a rotating mass, and potentially holds the key to a vast realm of scientific discovery.
I look forward to your considered reply.
Many kind regards,
Andrew Mount
DePalma Institute


Dear Andrew,

I can't believe it's you!  This is Paul Lowrance.  I visited you and Bruce a lot of times in Santa Barbara.  I'm sure you would only recognize me by sight.  Anyhow, I am terribly sorry to hear about Bruce!

I hope everything is well with you.  I'm still out here in the Los Angeles county, CA.  I'm curious what has happened with the N-machine community.  Is Tewari still working on his version?

Kind Regards,


What happened to the N-machine?


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