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Author Topic: Worlds Energy solved! Almost unbelievable a mouse powered QMOGEN (open sourced)  (Read 12532 times)


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I already invented the over unity light bulb.  You are a day late and a dollar short.

Take a 100W incandescent bulb at 120vAC.
Measure the power it draws using Peak to Peak Volts and Amps.
The grid charges you for 100W but you draw 760W to 800W!!!!!!!! (varies by mains drop distance from distribution pole) .

Take that extra 660W and SAVE THE WORLD.


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I am most upset. It appears some people here think this is satire, a joke!

No it is not! it is the logical conclusion of overunity (and rodent power).

Perhaps people will take this much more seriously if we have a 3d animated rendering of the idea. I am not very good at that sort of thing (they didn't teach it at grade school). Can someone assist in that department. If we just start with a 3d video of a mouse in a wheel we can build it from there.

You don't seem to understand the theory. But that's OK. I will explain it to you.

You only need ONE mouse per geographical area. To save on expensive wires and high voltage interconnects its best to have a single installation per state or county. In theory of course you could have one mouse per house or even one mouse per country. You need to carefully weigh up the cost of cheese and disposing of mouse waste and compare it to the cost of thousands of miles of copper or aluminium interconnects and the associated maintenance.

I am sure we would only need one mouse per 100,000 houses or a small industrial estate. so I think we can carefully dispose of the mouse (or imported child's waste) through normal sewerage means. But if the "greenies" get all up in arms we can probably build a dedicated system.


I am very confused!! How can you possibly achieve that without using a single mouse. I don't think you are being serious. Have you even tested it? I bet you haven't.

And where is your 3d animated video, Huh? I thought so, just another fake!

Please Please, No Donations. This is my gift to the world.

I may change my mind about donations though if I need a piece of really expensive cheese. Colby cheese isn't working, I had another dozen mice die in agony. These little setbacks are but little humps (graves) on the road to a free world.

All bow down in deference to the venerable Yogi


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Before this gets out of hand I want you to consider the lively hood of two groups of people:

A- The people working in the conventional energy sectors
B- The rat catchers.

Can the society take this burden on?


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Hi All,
Animal safety conditions for them, as they work to help create energy for us, there would be no problem debating? . . .   ;D (Лошадь вырабатывает энергию Очень смешно!) Horse produces energy is very funny!    Link: 



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« Reply #19 on: May 30, 2014, 01:14:31 AM »
I have given my technology a suitable name MEP for Mouse Energy Power. I really think a simple but powerful name will help people get involved.

Attached is proof of concept calculations. It absolutely proves my claims. I even allowed for massive losses in the form of friction and it still works


We are on to a winner!!!!!!!

I think everyone should drop whatever other projects they are doing and start building these devices. 2 or three stages would be enough. then flood youtube with video's so no one can deny the truth


See the attached proof of concept for the UNDENIABLE MATHEMATICAL PROOF