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Author Topic: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs  (Read 25166 times)

Offline hartiberlin

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Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« on: November 07, 2006, 09:36:04 AM »
Hi All,
I am starting here a new thread, as I have contacted a few people,
who have been live seeing the TPU devices and they emailed me back.

The purpose is to find out the current state of the technology
and if patents have been filed and who now owns the technology and
what is being done with it right now...

We also have to find the persons behind this
mysterious "Universal Energy Corporation" ( UEC).

(Please only post here a reply, if you have new informations.
Any other "Looks good" or other useless comments will be deleted by me..)

The first person is Dr. Doleshal.
He wrote:

> Stefan Hartmann wrote: Hallo Dr. Doleshal,
> I am running the free energy reasearch forum site
> I have been getting infos from Mr. Lindsay Mannix from Australia,
> who is currently in contact with Steven Mark,
> that you have been seeing a TPU unit from Steven Mark
> "live in action", so to say...
> We are in this moment discussing and researching the TPU
> very heavily in this thread:
> Do you still have any technical informations about it
> and can send me your view about it ?
> Maybe you like to join my free forum and
> also discuss it there ?
> Do you know, who exactly owns the technology in this moment ?
> It was said it is owned by UEC, but who is it and
> how can these persons be contacted ?
> Many thanks.
> Gruss / Best regards, Stefan Hartmann

From: "Dave Doleshal"
To: "Stefan Hartmann"
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 9:56 PM
Subject: Re: Steven Mark TPU unit witness ?

> Hello Stefan,
> I am sorry to say I probably can't be much help on this. Yes, I did see the unit in operation several times, but that was many
years ago. I do not have any technical secrets or details of how it works, beyond being fairly sure it does not have any thing to
do with the kinds of things so many people have been speculating about. Mark his associates are the only ones who know about this,
and they are apparently still not revealing anything.
> What I did see when the unit was in operation was that it DID appear to operate as Mark says it does - yielding an output of
several hundred watts, with no wires leading in to. The possibility of it containing some kind of hidden batteries within it was
often raised by skeptics, but every consultation with battery experts or battery salesman to explain how such a thing might be faked
using the smallest state of the art batteries came up empty handed. Mark did demonstrations in which engineers measured the
surrounding area to see if he might somehow secretly have been sending it energy via a radio waves or magnetic fields,or something,
but none of them ever detected anything of the sort, despite heroic efforts to do so. Potential investors hired all manner of
high-powered experts to debunk it or detect some fraud or trickery, but none were ever able to do so.
> So what does that prove? I don't know.
> One thing I am certain of is that all attempts to settle the matter by trying to evaluate the inventors character, etc are nothing
but a waste of time. I see people do this with other kinds of technologies, and I understand why in the absence of hard evidence
people feel the need to fall back on this grasping at straws approach, but it is utterly worthless. It is easy to make up with
accusations and insults or nasty stories about ANYONE, but whether true or false, they amount to nothing. There is this human
tendency to feel that if you can somehow find a flaw in someone's behavior, morals, character etc, you can therefore feel safe in
dismissing them. But if you look at the history of famous geniuses like Da Vinci, Galileo, Lord Byron, Newton or Edison, they all
were rather eccentric characters with colorful and checkered pasts. Edison was apparently a very rude guy in person. Einstein had
six girlfriends in addition to his wife. Their detractors had an easy time
> concocting all manner of fake charges against them, but none of that - false or true - had the slightest real bearing on the
value of their creations. The opposite is equally true. So far as I know, ALL the nasty accusations against Steven Mark manufactured
out of thin air, mostly by people hoping to blackmail or pressure him into making a deal with them and/or angry at him when he
wouldn't. But even if they weren't, so what? Even if you find people to swear on a stack of Bibles that the inventor was a saint of
stellar virtues and pure motives and morals, would that really be proof that his inventions worked? I don't think so.
> Good luck with it all.
> I haven't heard from Steven Mark in many years, so I you are in contact with him, please say Hello form me and wish him the
best, and ask him to contact me.
> Regards,

Stefan Hartmann <> wrote:
Hi Dave,
many thanks for your reply.

Can I post this in the thread at,712.0.html


Well, do you know, who this Universal Energy Corporation
is, that seems to be said is the holder of the rights to the TPU ?

How can they be contacted ? Do you know any address of them ?

Did Steven Mark sell the rights to them ?

Did Steven sell the rights to the TPU to his attorney Paul Stemm ?
Is Paul Stemm or does he own Universal Energy Corporation ?

Or If Steven did not sell the rights to the TPU to UEC how did UEC gain control of the device ?

Why does Steven not what us to see the patents granted to UEC for parts of the TPU?

Do these patents really exist?

Is the Universal Energy Corporation a real company and are there public records that can be consulted that show records of this

If the UEC really exists who are the shareholders and were shares raised by making demonstrations of the TPU?

Do you know any answers to these questions ?

And Dave,
how were you involved in all of the testing and demos at this time ?
Did you measure yourself the output of the device with measurement equipment ?

Do you still know some other people , who I might cound contact,
that could answer these above questions ?

Do you know John Sanchez who was with Prof. Schinzinger testing the TPU ?
How can John Sanchez be contacted ?

Many thanks.

Best regards, Stefan.

hello Stefan,

Yes,  its all right to repost this.  I wish I could be of more help to you, but unfortunately, most of the kind of information you are seeking simply is not available. All this happened years ago, and my own memories of most of this are hazy.  My understanding is that Steven lost interest in persuing the matter years ago when he sold the rights to what he had to UEC. All such trade secrets and information would be property of UEC, and under such an agreement, Steven would not be permitted to reveal such secrets freely to others that he had sold to UEC for money. You probably can't get much technical detail from Steven.  Eariler this year, I heard there was some group in Ireland who was very publicly making the claim to possess such a device, but I don't recall their name, nor am I in any position to evaluate their claims. Also, there was a prominent group of UFO fans based in Virginia, (run by a Medical doctor named Greer(?) that was publicly claiming to have such a device about 2 or 3 years ago. The guy seemed to be an ethical and intelligent person, but I never actually saw his tecnhology demonstrated, and have no way to evaulate his claims. However, you MIGHT have more success investigating one or both of these groups than from Steven.

Regarding UEC, the way I remember it, UEC was to be an Australian corporation, possibly with affiliates in Europe or America, but primarily an Australian entity. If so, all relevant legal documents should be a matter of public record in Australia. They should be accessible, but I an not personally familiar with Autralian business or governemental procedures. It is quite possible UEC has changed its name or been sold to some other entity, but I would not know anything about this. My understanding was that Brian Collins was setting up UEC along with his associates, but I don't know their names.  I think Steven was not wanting to be part of that company, but simply wanted to sell his technology to them.  I have no address not contact information about them.

Reagrding Paul Stemm. Yes, Paul Stemm was the lawyer who put much of this deal together. He might have been one of the partners or stock holders of UEC., but I don't know that for sure. I have not seen Paul for many years.

Regarding patents on the TPU, I don't know whether the device itself has been patented. When last I knew anything about it in the late 1990s, this had NOT been done yet. Perhaps it has been done since. But if it has been done, it should be a matter of public record. A routine patent search should turn them up. Such procedures are now fairly easy to do over the internet. I don't see how Steven or any one else could prevent such patents from being examined. If they exist and are therfore publicly examinable government documents that anyone can look at, I don't see why Steven could or should want to prevent any one from seeing them.

About where UEC may have gotten funding, I don't know that either. If they possess a working technology, the obvious strategy for raising money would be to give demonstrations to potential investors. But I haven't heard of such things being done.

As far as my involvement in the testing of the device, I can tell you this much. After consulting with a number of highly experienced, intelligent experts in the field of electrical power generation, and asking them how a clever person might fake such a device as the TPU was claimed to be, several possible tests were suggested. 

First of all, was necessary that no external wires or connection be permitted. (Some inventors insist their devices need to have such cable for "grounding purposes" or whatever. But any wire leading in could be used to send in power. Any "free energy device" that can't be demonstrated without such wires is almost certainly a fraud). This TPU was an exception, because it could easily be demonstarted with no such wires, either sitting on a glass table or carried about freely. Examiners could inspect it to make sure there were no concealed wires leading into it.

A second consideration was that the output must be demonstrated to light lamps or run ordinary electrical devices in a normal fashion. Simply showing a voltage reading on a meter was not sufficient. Ordinary volt meters are designed to measure either DC current or AC current with a regular waveform.  Feeding such a meter a complex electrical waveform with erratic spikes can confuse such meters. If the current averages about 2 volts but has an occasional brief surge of 700 volts, the meter might be fooled into thinking it is seeing a current of 700 volts when it really isn't.  ALL of the so-called "overunity "devices I have ever seen appear to work this way - by confusing the meters with complex waveforms they weren't designed to measure.  A meter will read as if there was a high voltage, but the output won't light bulbs or drive motors.  Although the output of Steven's devices did register on meters as a high voltage of a specific wattage, it did not display any of the problems of these so-called over unity devices. If the meter said 600 watts, the device really would light up 600 watts worth of light bulbs or run a 600 watt motor without problems.  Wneh measured this way, Steven's TPU always passed the tests easily.

The various experts I consulted frequently suggested another possible way such a effect might be faked was if the so-called TPU devices contained some kind of tiny batteries or storage devices. However, when the best experts on battery technology available were asked about this, they were never able to explain how a device as small as a TPU could store sufficient power to supply the load.  They were sure a portable unit capable to lighting six 100 watt light bulbs for 30 minutes or an hour COULD be built, but that it would need to be many times the size and weight of a TPU that seemed able to do the same thing. Perhaps battery technology now exists that's better than what was around ten years ago, but that still wouldn't explain how Steven could do what he did back then. Besides, if Steven had such a vastly superior electricity storage system so much better than anyone elses, the thing to do would have been simply to sell it as a new kind of battery instead of pretending it was a free energy device. The market for such a battery is probably hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Steven is an intelligent an practical man. If all he wanted was the money, he'd have surely done that instead of going the much more difficult rout of claiming it was all a free energy device.

The other possibility my experts raised was that these TPU were acting as receivers for power being "broadcast" to then via induction, magnet fields or radio waves from somewhere nearby. Although this was technically an easy thing to fake, in practice such trickery would be easy to detect. For the magnet fields or radio waves need to create 600 watts of usable power in the middle of a room ten feet away would need to be VERY intense at their source.  The room containing the reciever would have to be filled with a field so strong it would make compasses spin, or cook flesh like the inside of a microwave oven.   In such a case, the output of the TPU should diminish drastically when moved even a few  feet further away from the hidden transmitter.

Thus the engineers wanting to evaluate the TPU brought testing devices like Sony-All Waves, that could detect the presence of any magnetic field or radio waves in the area, and insisted the TPU be demonstrated not just inside Steven's house but at locations some distance from the house of their own chosing. Every time this was done, no magnetic fields nor radio waves could be detected in the house, or nearby, and the device always worked just as well in the house as outside, or even several hundred yards, or a mile or so away.

I personally saw this kind of thing done several times, and Steven's devices always passed the tests every time. So althougI haven't a clue how all this was accomplished, he DID manage to accomplish it.

As for the name John Sanchez, that name is not familiar to me. However, I was in the house the day when Professor Schinzinger examined the TPU in the manner discribed in the previous paragraph.  I talked with Shinzinger a few days later by phone. He called me because he was upset with me because I had (erroneously) told people he had been convinced that the TPU was genuine, when all he had actually meant to say was that he had been unable to detect any fraud.  I asked Schinzinger if their were other tests he thought might have revealed a possible fraud better than the tests he had done, but he was unable to suggest anything specific. Schinzinger was the Dean of Engineering for years at the nearby University of California Department of Engineering, and a resepcted expert on electrical power generation systems.  A more knowledgeable person on the subject probably could not be found anywhere.  As a respected man of high intelligence and high integrity, it seemed that he was nervous letting his name be used to endorse a technology he could not explain or understand. He didn't want to be embarrassed by something that might later turn out to be revealed as a trick or a fraud. He was never convinced it was real, but even so, he was unable to find any evidence of fraud, despite what seemed like his best efforts to do so. Dr. Shinzinger was rather old then, and I have not heard from him since. Whether he is still alive now, I can't say, and if he is, neither can I say what his present opinion about all this might be.

   I don't know if any of this helps you, But its about all I really know.  I know Steven was very frustrated by this years ago, and had pretty much abandoned hope of doing anything more with it when he sold it all to UEC, and moved on to other more mundane and more promising projects. He is a very talented inventer and engineer, and easily creates other kinds of devices of a non-controversial nature that can be more readily profited from in the present  economic and political environment that could things like this TPU. So far as I know, that is what he's been doing. But I haven't heard from him in many years. He used to often dream of living on a warm tropical island in the Caribbean, like Jamaica. Last time I heard from him he had earned sufficient money from his more ordinary projects to do so, and talked like he was ready to buy some land in Jamaica and move there. Far as I know, that's what he did.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me. I'll answer them as best I can, but as I have said, I probably can't be much help with the kind of technical information you are seeking simply because I don't have it and don't really know who does.

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting. If yu ever find anything interesting, please let me know. If ever make contact with Steven, please tell him I said Hello, that I wish him the best, and that I'd love to talk with him again some time.



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Offline hartiberlin

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2006, 10:13:54 AM »
Here are some former infos from last year from:

Steve Wilcken and Reed Huish (admin from

Reed Huish seems to have an archive of 8.5 Gbytes of data
about  the TPUs, etc.. but just sits on this data and will not release it, although the
NDAs probably have run long time out already ...

He probably also has never seen any TPU live himself,
otherwise he would not comment as negatively as this...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Steve Wilcken" <>
To: "Stefan Hartmann" <>
Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2004 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: Marks device a fake ?

> Stefan,
> I have reviewed some of the material I have collected on the Steven Marks
> "ring of power" (term coined by Jonathan Kolber).  The video you posted on
> zpenergy is similar to the video distributed by SEAS in May of 2002.  The
> venue is different, but the same small and large toroids were demonstrated
> in an identical setup with 10 light bulbs, etc.  The electrical discharge
> arc and washboard effects were also demonstrated in the other video.  The
> SEAS video is probably still available.
> This new video clip was shot in Perth, Australia by an investment group that
> was weighing the possibility of buying the technology.  You may already be
> aware of this.  Marks wanted too much money for his device, so the deal fell
> through.  The Australian investment group was permitted to thoroughly test
> the device.  They are convinced that the device is not a fake.  Marks
> apparently sold the technology to his attorney, Mr. Paul Stemm, who
> presently resides in the Philippines.
> The SEAS organization also communicated with Marks back in late 2001 or
> early 2002.  Again, Marks wanted too much money.  SEAS subsequently
> contacted Paul Stemm, who is apparently attempting to bring the device into
> production readiness.  Evidently, the device requires development in the
> sense that it only works in a certain orientation relative to the earth.
> This must relate to the "washboard" effect commented on in the videos.
> Apparently that problem has been resolved, or is in the process of being
> resolved.
> The device apparently requires a small amount of input power from a battery.
> This bothers some people, for reasons that completely elude me.
> Unfortunately, I don't have a clue as to how the device operates.  I am
> hoping to receive additional information in the near future, which may shed
> further light on the operational characteristics.
> Regards,
> Steve Wilcken

----- Original Message -----
From: "Steve Wilcken" <>
To: "overunity2001" <>
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: Marks device a fake ?

> Stefan,
> After your posting appeared on zpenergy, I took the opportunity to go into
> my e-mail archives and organize the material I had collected on this device.
> I was surprised to find that I had collected something like 100 files.  I am
> still in the process of going throught this material to re-aquaint myself
> with their contents.  I will get back to you later in the week and provide
> what information I can pull together (which may not be much that is
> particularly helpful).
> Please note that the e-mail address you used for me is WAY out of date.
> Please note that my correct e-mail address is
> Regards,
> Steve Wilcken
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "overunity2001" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 11:05 AM
> Subject: Marks device a fake ?
> Hi,
> I learned from Stan Deyo, that you were involved in the
> Marks toroidal generator device somehow.
> Do you know for sure, that it was a fake ?
>  I have posted a 57 min video about it.
> Here is my latest correspondence with Reed Huish and some
> other people about it.
> Please let me know, what kind of information you have about it.
> Many thanks !
> Regards, Stefan Hartmann.
> ====================================================
> Come on man,
> it was 5 years ago, you tell me !
> How long after such a deal is canceled , is the NDA still valid ?
> All you tell me sounds like
> that you don?t know nothing !
> Did you speak live at all to Marks at some time ?
> No one yet can tell me, how they produced the 875 Watts for such a
> long time.
> They even moved the device on the table while the lamps were shining,
> so the "under the table hidden transformer device" is also not an
> option !
> As you also want not to disclose the people who lost their money
> you just tease us and don?t sound very serious...
> Regards, Stefan.
> ----
> Dipl. Ing. Stefan Hartmann
> Hartmann Multimedia Service
> Keplerstr. 11 B, 10589 Berlin, Germany
> email:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Reed N Huish" <>
> To: "'Stefan Hartmann'" <>
> Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 7:24 PM
> Subject: RE: Marks documents...
> > Stefan,
> >
> > I don't know any investors that have seen it live.
> >
> > Remember, this was over 5 years ago....
> >
> > As I said, with Marks it was a bait and switch scam.  Showing them
> videos,
> > and taking their money, then showing them nothing, but the new
> rolls royce
> > he bought.
> >
> > Sorry, names of the investors is confidential.
> >
> > And I KEEP MY AGREEMENTS, so sorry for the tease, but I cannot give
> out any
> > further detailed information.
> >
> > Reed, ZPower
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Stefan Hartmann []
> > Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 9:12 AM
> > To:
> > Cc: 'Sterling D. Allan'; 'doug_ZPE'; 'Alexander Frolov'; 'Mark
> Tomion'; 'Dr.
> > Steven Greer'; 'Rob_ZPE'; gewo; Dave Squires; lindsay mannix
> > Subject: Marks documents...
> > Importance: High
> >
> > Come on Reed,
> > you tease us over here, that you have 5.8 GB of data about it , and
> now you
> > tell us, that they are sealed ???
> >
> > Well, maybe you can tell us then  at least, who these investors
> were, so we
> > can contact them and hear their story and what the raid and
> destroying of
> > one unit was all about ?
> >
> > How long do these NDA agreements lasts that you signed ?
> > more than 7 years ?
> >
> > Does Marks still live in Anaheim ?
> > Why not driving by and just give him a visit.
> > Maybe someone from my 2100 users list is living near him and just
> can ring
> > at his doorbell ?
> >
> > Can you give us names of the investors who have seen it live ?
> > I want to contact them.
> > Many thanks.
> >
> > Regards, Stefan.

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2006, 10:18:01 AM »
Here is an email from Mr. Kolber:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jonathan Kolber" <>
To: "Stefan Hartmann" <>
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 9:17 PM
Subject: Re: Marks device  ?


What is your interest in this?

I believe Mark was the inventor.  I don't know where he's living .

How do know the middle sized unit video is really a video of his unit?

His assistant told me that the working internal the device consisted of
about a dozen radio Shack parts costing $13.  A lot of the appearance was
for obfuscation.


At 03:12 PM 10/24/2004, you wrote:
>Thanks Jonathan,
>do you know what has happened since then ?
>When the middle sized unit was destroyed and pieces cut out,
>( This is seen in my posted 57 min tape at:
>  )
>did they find any batteries ?
>Can you name the other scientists or people who were
>involved in this, so I might contact them and ask for their
>view on this topic ?
>Is Steve Marks still living in Anaheim ?
>Does he still have any devices of this invention ?
>Was he really the inventor ?
>Best regards, Stefan.
>Dipl. Ing. Stefan Hartmann
>Hartmann Multimedia Service
>Keplerstr. 11 B, 10589 Berlin, Germany
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Jonathan Kolber" <>
>To: "overunity2001" <>
>Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 9:02 PM
>Subject: Re: Marks device a fake ?
>I do not believe it is a fake. I sat with half a dozen scientists and
>engineers and we analyzed the video for two hours.  we could find no way it
>could of been a fake.
>I also met a friend of the man to serve as assistant to marks.
>I believe there is quite a bit of disinformation associated with this device.

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2006, 10:23:33 AM »
This is the Info from Stan Deyo also with a contact address
for Paul Stemm.
Maybe someone living in Manila can check this out ?
Many thanks.

Stan Deyo posted this in theJLNlabs group:

From:  "Stan Deyo"
Date:  Sat Oct 23, 2004  4:51 pm
Subject:  Re: The whole 57 minutes movie uploaded !

Hi, Troops,

I don't know if you have found out the name of the inventor of the
coil that Stefan has been showing; but he is known to me and my
Australian associates. A group of my associates including:
Trevor Osborne (wharmony@m...) and
Brian Grindrod of Perth (grindrod@i...) who were responsible
for the video you are showing.-Stan Deyo

Steve Marks was the inventor of the coil in the video. He lived in
California in 1995. He wanted $10 million up front before he would
even agree to a non-disclosure agreement. He eventually sold his
technology to his attorney in the Phillipines for $10million.... a Mr
Paul Stemm

Paul Stemm
Suite 413
Peninsular Court
8735 Paseo De Roxas
Makati City
Metro Manila
Tel: 63 2 894 5358 (W) 819 3856 (H)
Fax: 63 2 810 9284
No know email (he hates computers).

Later, I corresponded with Dr Steven Greer and Steve Wilken (Boeing's
Phantom Works) on this device when they were approached to invest in
it. They were approached by a man with a Spanish or Latin American
name. We believe he was either Steve Marks or someone acting on
Steve's behalf.

Read the following:

From: <mailto:standeyo@m...>Stan Deyo
To: <mailto:s.wilcken@a...>Steve Wilcken
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 8:46 AM
Subject: Re: Ring of power

Hi, Steve,

I just received the video tape on the ring of power. Thank you. In
1994 while I was living in Perth, Australia I was asked to view this
tape by a group of Australian investors headed by Trevor Osborne.
Alberto Molina-Martinez - or [connected to or actually psuedonym for
Steven Marks?] the inventor (see patent pending application below) was
too expensive for us to handle. He wanted 10 million up front and we
couldn't raise that much.

His device does have the necessary components (as far as we know) to
extract electricity from the ambient. The use of high voltage,
relatively high frequency (for power applications) and polyphase
induction coils is consistent with our own research. We ran a number
of tests on the unit and could not discover a hidden inductive power
source. The video images did not show any interference from a high
voltage power loop in the region of the coils. The "washboard effect"
is a result of the pulsed dc interface. The higher current models
displayed this effect more than the smaller units.

At this URL, paste in

"20020125774" you will then be taken to the URL below:'20020125774'.PGNR.&OS=DN/20020125774&RS=DN/20020125774

Hope this assists you folks...

Stan Deyo

From: "Jonathan Kolber"
To: "Wilcken, Stephen K" <stephen.k.wilcken@b...>,
Subject: RE: Ring of power
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 17:07:08 -0400
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Importance: Normal
X-SLUIDL: B00B019B-E85B11D6-BA1B00D0-B75DD9A7


Steve Wilcken says that the Molino invention is substantially similar
to or identical to the Steven Marks invention in the Ring of Power
video we sent you.

We are very interested in talking with Molino. Can you reach him or
offer an introduction? We would consider a finder's fee
reasonable if
we license the technology.


Jonathan Kolber, Vice President

Space Energy Access Systems, Inc.

From: DrSGreer@c...
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 11:55:57 EST
Subject: Re: SCAM: Ring of power!
To: stephen.k.wilcken@b..., standeyo@s...
CC: s.wilcken@a...
X-SLUIDL: 0D53C075-97594893-9A32A50F-A0A4112E

Stan's point is well taken.
This is precisely why we will not accept and certify a device until
it has
been transparently tested by 3 independent and qualified entities AND
reproducible by us. The economic viability of a system, as Stan
points out, requires longevity tests to see that the system will run
for long
periods of time without over-heating, melting down, getting into a
mode (common in over unity EM systems...) etc.

People claiming to have a system who will not allow transparent
vetting under
proper NDAs simply cannot be trusted; even if what they have is real,
it is
the proverbial tree that fell in the woods that nobody will ever

To date, no completed device has been available to be tested that
meets the
above criteria and also has usable, exportable, commercially viable
output. But there are about a dozen very promising ones that we are
investigating. Here's to one being real...
Steven M. Greer MD

Hope this info is of help.

Stan Deyo

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
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Sorry for butting in..The first hand witness acount was great.

You could include the engineers reports that are here .

All that other stuff is googlable!
I thought that this was for people who have witnessed the device in operation..thats what it says at the header. Instead it is now about the greedy ,failed deals, and the pragmatists.

Perhaps you are going somewhere with this..If so, sorry for butting in.
Lindsay Mannix

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2006, 05:49:00 AM »
Here are some further people to contact:

John Sanchez
working at
at the UCI ( university of California in Irvine) campus.

He worked together with
professor Roland Schinzinger
29 Gilman St. Irvine, CA 92715-2703,
Phone & FAX: (714) 786-7691
who has been deceased already unfortunately..

Maybe John Sanchez can be located by contacting the widdow
of Roland Schinzinger  or somebody
near UCI can look around for John Sanchez there who probably
have worked there also in the electrical eningeering department together
with professor Roland Schinzinger ?

The next wittness is:
Michael Fennell  (Consulting Engineer)
8348 Menkar Road
San Diego, CA. 92126
B.A. Physics, Swarthmore College1983
M.S. Applied Physics, UCSD, 1988

I found via google the following stuff about him:
now seems to work at:

but I have not yet heard from him via emails send to

The next wittness was:
David Doleshal PhD.

David Doleshal. Ph.D.  Dave has a Doctorate in psychology from the University of California, Irvine. He has been studying innovative techniques for the treatment of emotional issues for more than 20 years -  most especially methods related to jealousy management and the healing of emotional traumas. Dave is the facilitator of the Polyamory Support Group in Berkeley, California, and is one of the co-founders of the World Polyamory Association. He is also the director of Saturnia Regna, - a Political Action Committee specifically organized for the promotion of the cause of polyamory.  He lives in Berkeley, California.

His statement is in the first posting at the top.

If somebody still knows more people, please post their contact address.

It seems this guy Brian Collins, who is alreday deceased,
who was living in Australia was
somehow first involved and then stole or copied the videos
from Steven Mark and tried to rip money out of possible investors,
wh?ch Steven Mark , still living at this time in the USA, was unaware
of and did not support.

So Brian Collins did run some scams and the investors were ripped off of their
money and the whole thing then slammed back into Steven Mark?s face,
but who was not knowing, what Collins did do and
so it seems Mark was forced to sell the technology off then...

So now we haveto find out, if and where some devices are still
in operation and who exactly owns the technology and what is
being done with it nowadays...

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #6 on: November 08, 2006, 07:21:47 AM »
Here is a guy who has been to every demo...

I have NEVER received any money for it. IT has BEEN and IS owned by the Universal Energy Corporation. PERIOD!
Paul Stemm is the attorney representing the UEC corporation internationally and has been for many years. PERIOD.
As I understand it, the people who claim they couldn't do a deal, couldn't do a deal because THEY LIED and DID NOT have any money.
Do you have any idea how many people approached the UEC company trying to convince everyone that they had the money to capitalize the corporation when in reality they didn't have a pot to piss in? They just wanted to CASH IN on a good thing.
As I have explained, we asked for money to CAPITALIZE the corporation to produce and market the technology, only. WE NEVER ATEMPTED TO SELL THE TECHNOLOGY TO ANYONE. WHY WOULD WE SELL THE GOLDEN GOOSE FOR TEN MILLION? That is just a stupid claim.
UEC only asked for capitalization which is very ethical, they NEVER tried to sell it.
None of the people who are complaining about this were permitted to view a demonstration,or EVER had any MONEY to invest in the first place. They were always going to get it from someplace and of course, never did.
UEC finally made it clear that if you wanted to see a demonstration you had to have a clear understanding of:
1. What you wanted to see. What your expectations were.
2. That you would bring your qualified engineer or scientist with you to the demonstration. We could no longer tolerate people saying, gee this is neat, I want to get my brother in law who rebuilds lawn mower engines to come back and see this to tell me if this works...
3. That you could prove you had the investment capital first before the demonstration.
Most everyone didn't meet the requirements. This is one reason why UEC decided to STOP demonstrating the device. Another is because of intense legal problems as you are aware. The US government has frowned on showing foreign nationals a device which could be a national treasure.
You know the people in Australia who actually thought they were investing in the technology were really giving their money away to Brian Collins who NEVER had any right to sell anything, EVER!!!
Please let Stefan know that I had contacted the heads of UEC and was convincing them to make a public statement regarding the present state of the device and etc.
However, now that they see the way things are going they have decided to back off from Stefan's web site... What a shame.
Please post this, or let Stefan know the result of his query.
By the way, according to international law which all of Europe and especially Germany corresponds to, making information public,which you know is proprietary and confidentially held by a company or legitimate holding, is against the law. I am quite certain that Stefan has legal counsel and should be aware of this, yet he asks me to divulge anything at all regardless. This kind of thinking I do not agree with.
I have been very gracious and forthcoming with all kinds of information regarding the technology, BUT, I can NOT tell anyone HOW to make it work because of my legal restrictions. You have to find that out yourself. I HAVE given you the basics and the principles you need to recreate the technology and several people have. If you can't recreate it then you are not gifted enough or need to gather more information and think, but do not go around pulling out your hear and venting your wraith on the Gods screaming that, because you can't do it then the inventor MUST divulge more information to facilitate your demands...
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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #7 on: November 08, 2006, 08:34:09 PM »
The purpose is to find out the current state of the technology
and if patents have been filed and who now owns the technology and
what is being done with it right now...

I have searched both the USPTO and the European Patent Office using various keywords, variations of the inventor's name(s), Variation of Universal Energy Corp, and several different patent classifications.  I have not located a patent that resembles the device in question, any device patented by Steven Mark, or a patent assigned to Universal Energy Corp. that resembles the device in question or anything even close.  I did find several other interesting devices...along with Gundersons, Bearden's, and Molina-Martinez's.  (Over 1600 listed with the EPO alone.)

If there is a patent, please provide the number because I'd love to read it over.  Until then, it's like finding the Holy Grail.

Edit:  even a hint will do

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #8 on: November 08, 2006, 09:50:50 PM »
There's conflicting info posted here.
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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #9 on: November 08, 2006, 11:23:44 PM »
I have a question for the genieses here

Exactly what is achieved by finding out who is who?

Stevens angry reply should have helped you understand his situation.
Put your self in his shoes if you can

The info on how his unit works is here.

Unfortunately ,at this stage ,there is no monkey do diagrams.

There are engineer reports,eye witness accounts,videos.even degrees of replication..but no..what do you want...somebody to come knocking on your door and say please, will you look at this and tell me it works?

The real answers are here, Im sorry they do not fit everybodys idea of what an answer is....Perhaps I just do not understand the question. Perhaps I can learn if somebody can help me.

Understanding Stevens process does require a few preconceptions to be put aside.

How many times do you need to say "impossible" before you can actually see that it is possible and does work?

How does "thats impossible" work for you?..never did for me...mind you i have seen a lot of self defeating attitudes, that I cant see how thay can possibly work.

The patent question has been answered by steven.Instead of creating more and more rubbish why not just try to get your head around the fact that high speed rotational magnetic fields have some unconventional effects!....go and google that!

Other people in history have discovered this type of process as that if you want gossip..

Not every body understands everything ,we all have different skills,different ideas,and different way of viewing this beautiful world, The challenge is to be able share it with others dont you think?


Lindsay Mannix

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #11 on: November 09, 2006, 01:51:17 AM »

I have no doubt that it works.

Put myself in his shoes?  Do you think he is the only one with the goods?  He's not.  Steven is not even the only one with this particular flavor.

Am I to conclude from your repsonse that no patent for the "Ring of Power" exists? 

Hmm, guess that defeats the concept of "commercial value", doesn't it?

By the way, Lindsay, have you duplicated the device yet?

One last thing:

I live about an hour or so from "#### S Country Glen Way, Anaheim, CA 92808", only a few houses on the culdesac end of that street, some townhomes (hey is that a tennis court?).  I wonder is Steve is in one of the houses with a pool? Hmm...Pool party at Steve's - who's in?

Steven Doesn't live there. At least not anymore, if he ever did at all. Seems like an address pulled out of a hat to me. Especially since it had to be slightly modified to be valid address at all. I work for a company that has access to housing records, he never lived there, unless he rented.

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #12 on: November 09, 2006, 03:48:39 AM »
Im gald that somebody has followed the threads.

By the way did you actually read my last post?

Did I mention Rotating fields?

With all your background and experience just how did you get rotation?

What happened?

Here the answers are shared. and who wont listen?..I know you want it to fit into you current thinking...sorry READ THE THREAD AGAIN  page 1 would be a good start.

The mad thing is that you have some good skills that have served you well..but rotation and inertia of magnetisim...I bet theres some insights comming your way if you care to look.

Nothing eh.... oh well give up and blame somebody whos trying to make you see that there is more to know.

I look foward to your broadcast quality alien video!

In the mean time ask your self what happens in a high speed rotating field.... does magnetisim posess inertia

HELLO....any body home?

You come here for free...  just what are you achieving...I know ! can save mankind and stop people from experimenting in the right area just like you didnt...that would be good for you perhaps. And just in case you dont get results in the first ready to just give up.

I am trying to get you to listen...That my be the first step in saving the world.
Sadly, for my self I do not understand the context of your question when you of all people have the skills to be a part of the solution.

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
« Reply #13 on: November 09, 2006, 04:03:49 AM »
I've had my differences with Lindsay, but he's right. There's nothing to gain by chasing down old dead skeletons.

There seems to be a lot of new people here, and no one seems to be asking any questions about what SM is saying in the letters.

One of the reasons why some valuable people left here is because no one seems to be looking at the basic things that are being said in the letters. No one is reading and commenting on the info that has been posted. Isn't anyone studying it? It probably doesn't all make sense, it didn't to me, and much of it still doesn't, but I have studied it intensely for months, and continue to do so.

The information here (or was here) should raise enough questions to keep newcomers busy theorizing, testing and building for months.

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Re: Eye wittness accounts from people who have seen the TPUs
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