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Author Topic: OverUnity Prize conditions for 1 Watt Device PDF file attached  (Read 36668 times)


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OverUnity Prize conditions for 1 Watt Device PDF file attached
« on: October 05, 2008, 07:55:06 AM »
Hi All,
as there was nobody yet applying for the price and it seems
the other thread was too confusing,I now finally had the time to
write the PDF file with the conditions for theOverUnity Prize
and also reduced the contineous output power level
to just 1 Watt output power.

So here it is. The long awaited PDF file.

I make this topic sticky and locked.

Discussion please again inside the other thread.

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: OverUnity Prize conditions for 1 Watt Device PDF file attached
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2008, 02:06:43 AM »
for those of you who did not have the ability to read the PDF file,
I am posting here the conditions  again:

Conditions to win the OverUnity Prize money
donated by the admin Dipl.Ing. Stefan Hartmann
and some members of the forum:

Here are the conditions, that will apply to win the prize money:

1.You need to build 2 working units, both must work the same, so to make sure, it is a replicateable device.
One device you must keep yourself for verification processes and the other device you must ship to me:

Stefan Hartmann, Keplerstr. 11 B, 10589 Berlin, Germany

for the testing and verification process.

2.Each  devices must not weight more than 20 Kg and at least put out
1 Watt of contineous electrical DC power.
( Voltage and current ratio does not matter, but it should be less than 1000 Volts DC for handling it more safely,
so at 1000 Volts DC it should deliver at least constantly 1 mA, or at 100 Volts at least 10 mA or at 10 Volts at least 100 mA for instance)
( Please rectify and buffer with a cap, if you just only have AC power, so please convert it to DC power for easier output power measurements)
If your device is more a mechanical or chemical ( e.g. rotational, electrolyis or cold fusion-type, etc. ) device,
you must build also into it the converter to get electrical DC power out of it, so it is producing at least a contineous
1 Watt of free electrical DC power without using any fuel other than water or air. Your device must not be
powered by an outside source, such as wind, solar or received radio energy and must work 24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days per year long.
The output power must stay constant and must not fall down after some time.
It must only have a „fuel“ or „maintainance cost“ per year of less than
including "fuel-", repair-" and maintainance costs.

3.It can be powered by radioactive decay, but the used materials must not be harmfull and must be easy
to get in every city and must not be special parts which are difficult to get or hard to produce and must
not be highly dangerously radioactive or unlawfull to posess.
It also must not use any very expensive or forbidden and/or  banned
radioactive materials, which are hard to get for the average guy
and are dangerous to handle and pose a threat for the environment.

Also if it used water as the "fuel", it should not use more than 1 Liter
of normal tap water per day.

It also must not put out any dangerous pollution stuff and
must not be harmful to the environment.

4.A maximum of 4 x 9 Volts Batteries or accumulators or a maximum of
4 pieces D-cell type batteries or accumulators can be used in it. These batteries must only be used
as storage or start batteries and they must not have more than  20 Watthours (Voltage x Amphours)
of energy storage capacity.
They  must be declared and must not be hidden and battery lifetime and recharge time must be specified.

5.Battery life should be at least 3 years and to replace the batteries should not
cost more than 5 USD for all of the batteries (if batteries are at all used in the device)

6.Patented devices do not apply, cause we want a solution that has no rights yet on it and which would
be free to build by anyone. Commercial replications must pay at least 10 % license fees to charity
organisations or simular organisations, that "feed the world" and help the poor.
This should be watched by the community to verify that commercial builder companies really pay
these licenses to charity organisations.
The inventor who wants to patent his device should not apply for the Prize.

7.The inventor will get the prize money from me, if the device works at my home and will still work
after 3 months of time without dropping in output power level. 3 Months should be long enough
to study and verify the unit and also do extensive tests and measurements with it and first
replications would be then already available from the community.
The verification tests will be published widely all over the internet to spread quickly together
with the blueprints PDF File building instructions.

8.The device should not cost more than 300 US$ in parts- and material-costs to build and the inventor
must also supply a DOC or PDF file with pictures and building instructions and an explanation how he thinks that it works.
Labor costs to produce and build these units should not be higher than an additional 50 Euros or 75 US$ per device.

9.The inventor of the devices must build the 2 devices from his own money and loan one of these devices to me
( Stefan Hartmann)  for the 3 months test period and after this he can choose, if he wants to get the device
back or would like to sell the devices to me to keep for it for myself. ( the Prize-money would be reduced
then by 300 US$ costs if the inventor wants the device back)

10.The inventor needs to ship the device on his own costs to me. If he can supply convincing videos in advance
of the functioning of the device shipping charges to my address in Germany can be paid by me, if he is low on money.

11.If you have such a unit and it produces at least 1 Watt of contineous free energy power indefinately, just put
all the construction details and diagrams first into a ZIP or RAR file and post it at in the
OverUnity Prize category, so it is already open source, so nobody can apply for a patent anymore.
Then contact me and mail this unit to me for testing for a 3 months loan period, where it will be tested for the contineous power output.
As the blueprints are by then  already posted, other people can replicate it also during this time period and can verify it for themself and help
the test-process confirm or non-confirm, so the testing period before the prize is issued could also be reduced in time less than 3 months,
if it is clear, that the device really puts out this power indefinately with only a maintanance cost of less or equal of  0.1 US$cent  per KWatthour.

Okay, these are the now fixed conditions to get the OverUnity Prize money.
The amount of money will rise, when more members are going to donate also
money into the Prize pot. The money will be hold by every single donator
himself, until me ( Stefan Hartmann) will publically announce the OverUnity Prize winner and then the other
donators should pay also their money to the winner on their own. So I will only hold my own money reserved for
the winner and do not have to handle other´s money.

Berlin, Germany on the  5th of Oktober 2008               Stefan Hartmann.

Reversion 1.0 ,  5th of Oktober 2008


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Re: OverUnity Prize conditions for 1 Watt Device PDF file attached
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2008, 02:08:39 AM »
Hi All,
I am adding another 250US$ to the Prize Money pot.

So my part is now 3750US$.

I have just calculated now the total of the Prize Money
with all the last donation claims of the users over here and here they are:

Philip Hardcastle    5000 US$
Yucca                     500  US$
nievesoliveras          10  US$
vlpe                        300  US$     
xpenzif                   3500 US$
RedGuff                1365 US$
orionjf                     300  US$
Danner                 1000 US$
ResinRat2              100 US$
hartiberlin             3750 US$

total:               15825 US$

Anybody else want to give money to the inventor which comes
up with a at least 1 Watt free energy device and shares it with us all ?

Please post it in the discussion thread over here

and I will
add it up here.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stefan.
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Re: OverUnity Prize conditions for 1 Watt Device PDF file attached
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2015, 02:12:52 PM »
Regarding the OU-prize, I will modify and halt this now,
as funds have run low over here and I will move this to a different system,
where I will have quarterly year smaller prizes for new inventions
based on donations by the whole community
after I have changed the forum software later this year.

Sorry, but I am very busy with catching up with tasks, I have to do
which puts a strain on what I can do in this moment with the forum
and the administration..

Regards, Stefan.