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Romanian SECRET Technology which WORKED ! Lots of OU.
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Does the name Lucian Cozma fit in this puzzle?

--- Quote ---In the front of the web-page,is a question…The answer is YES,somebody really made this kind of aircraft…First of all,the principle was( applied like Kirsten has imagined in the ‘30th but useing crown-shape element which was endowed with several blade-shape elements ; that was o rotational device with a peripherical speed of 396 meters/sec ; in the center of this crown rotational device is…nothing but the axle and several spokes(which connect the rotational crown with the axle…)being the central vacuum space ; the air is absorbed from the center and radially evacuated through the blades.Usually,that rotational device is endowed with several peripherical air-guiding devices and a system of flow devices formed from a Coanda-effect flowing-wall and an external porous surface ; the nazi was been the first to build this kind of cyclonoidal airdraft and their inventor and design-engineer was been Viktor Schauberger ; I am one of the very few people who really knows the true scheme of the Schauberger “repulsine”…Today,everybody can find a lot of schemes on the internet,but almost all of them are fake…The Repulsine had a cyclonoidal propeller covered by a porous aspiration surface,and that small flying apparatus was the so-called “foo-fighter” ; after WW2,in Romania,the german-romanian inventor Rudolf Liciar has built several unconventional flying apparatuses for the soviets.I know a lot of technical details about all that cylonoidal aircrafts.I’ve just wrote an “encyclopedia of secret aviation” with more than 2500 pages of unprecedented disclosures related of Coanda,Liciar,the real schemes of nazi secret aircraft,the real unconventional propulsion systems used even today by the secret services,etc.
Although I was been congratulated from three romanian aviation generals,finally nobody gift the money for pulishing…Well..,I have also the original patent of Liciar,-the RO 21370 from 1932 the original title ” Cyclonoid . Sustinator si propulsor aerian” and from 1932 to 1937,Liciar has obtained another two patents,the original title “Helicopter” and “Aerial apparatus”,with the co-inventor Zareh Loremian Libaret.Rudolf Liciar was been taken by the soviets after 1954 and until now nobody knows the end of his activity and of his life…Begining with the ‘60th,another scientist called Nicolae Moraru,made a lot of important inventions culminating with his “electronic anti-aircraft and antisatellite weapon”(firstly tested in 1967 and used in real combat in august 1968 against the soviets)device which is also the most powerfull climateric weapon and a system of energy transmission and amplification,etc,etc.I know everything about all that devices,including the original technical papers ,- some people threatening me to keep the silence but another people congratulated me…That’s all.
Faithfully Yours !

Comment by Lucian Cozma — April 24, 2008 @ 10:37 am
--- End quote ---

Romania also developed a Keely-type sonic weapon based upon malevolent Moldovan melodies.  This was tested in the early 2000's with devastating results.

This is one of its early tests, provoking bizarre and incapacitating lip-syncing behavior in a decadent western test subject.
Some other test videos may be found here.

To avoid injury when viewing these videos, use shooter's ear protectors and a #14 or darker welder's visor. ;)
Great find, Spacetrax ;)

You are correct about the translation, it frustratingly breaks down at the most important technical parts. Here is a trans. of yor first two posts anyway, just to give a taste ;)


I am a Romanian researcher specializing in conventional technologies, are one of very few Romanians (3 or 4 in total) which has full technical information on propulsion systems, communications systems and energogeneratoare - the distant future, paradoxically, many of these inventions are very ancient world civilizations, but ordering them permanently blocked public access. You should write the entire novel to explain now what is that 'disposition civilizations', more seriously, if I say a few things apropos of who is behind the the statutes, might consider that violate the status of this forum and I would be banned acccesul ... my specialty is actually an aerospace propulsion systems but I know many in other areas more or less similar to aerospace engineering.

You talk here about 'magnetic motors' ... to know that Romania has made such an engine starting in 1973, because in 1983 -- Currently we are in Romania, three people who own and preserve the documentation. One of them has only three very general data and a series of original documents, another one has the majority of original documents drawn by hand by the inventor and ultimately, the undersigned, hold and manage the official documentation of the research file. I would not be entered soon if this forum would not be prepared a formal entry on market technical work to which I refer to these lines ... It is possible that in the next few months to finally have public access, even with a certain part of unconventional technology works in the secret research files. Magnetic motors that you see on the Internet (, Rex; etc.) are in most cases yield functional or very weak assure you that I watched everything carefully used on the Internet and on the other hand know .

For now I will not give any detail about it - we are in negotiations to get agreement out on the market with so-something, if it is reached, we will then discuss freely and I will give all the details - what materials will be necessary component configuration, working principle, etc. etc.. In terms of engines and deflector shields magnetic field - my dear, you deceived: true magnetic motors are made on the basis of 'shields' or magnetic field shielding "but by a certain configuration and arrangement of pole pieces in position,, intrefier" an element of reaction runner, whose geometry does not sound like anything I know in electro classic, it is segmented (air gaps between segments causing variation of reluctance) and configured so that each segment-nature to form a vector by summing to generate circular movement.
 We repeat, not a real scheme found on the Internet, inter

The early 70s who invented the motor magnetic secret here - for so long already, started from the classic technique and free to get ... what to get up to higher education in Paris had made urma.El (the interwar period) was prepared Taman in electrical engineering (L'Ecole Superieure d'Electrotecnique) and during international conferences of the time, several times had occasion to discuss and consult with Nikola Tesla.Izbucnirea of the second World War brought back into the country, where it remained even after the coming of the communist regime. In the 60s he started a research program to improve electrical classic and to this end he took every item of electrical classes and analyzed briefing - working principle and disadvantages. Finally, on the independent study of each element, set the general causes which limits performance "electric motors" "(here taken the time to broadly understood) regardless of their category or type. In short analytical study findings that he made a list of major technological impediments that are outward whole range of electric motors, after which, in turn studied every imediment basis and over the years has tested several solutions. After a number of years of research and experimentation virtually permanent, came to develop many practical and simple solution for every problem facing the classic technique of electric motors . So, he started to try to improve existing technology, without which provide impressive results will come ... Also improving and bringing changes to the electric motor current scheme, he obtained a driver whose components have a completely atypical configuration, changing not only the geometry of engine components but also the principle of operation, assembly dynamics, the application of magnetic fields

Initially, this engine was made of electrically excited polar components (electromagnetic) but subsequently obtained by going to the new scheme, he managed to apply and permanent magnet, the stator and they exist in the scheme no magnetic field deflectors, shields , etc.. In fact, he got the idea or principle of interaction between magnetic fields located in the stator and rotor effects, it is home to a serious conceptual mistake is not how to pull a good yield of arrangement indifierent magnets or other methods applied - and realized that the pole pieces or magnets, must be left in a static position, fixed in a device that ensures a perfect closure of field lines, and in a certain position on such a magnetic device to be prepared a as "magnetic turbine" that is an element of reaction to the magnetic field generated by all tenured magnets, so statorici.The rotor is then a simple reaction element, which does not bear on his magnetic and electromagnetic fields do not produce (electro) magnetic interactions, it does not interact but respond.

So, from the beginning all the problems posed by the Internet are some guys ... ineptii rotor component should not contain her (electro) magnets and rotating machine dynamics should not be based on its interaction between two or more sources magnetic field, but likely reaction of the magnetic elements against the magnetic field created by static sources, if you like fixe.Faceti similar hydraulic or wind turbine, which is a reagent introduced in "liniiile power" of the current fluid, -- turbine will turn potential energy into kinetic energy of the fluid rotating element, would be more effective if the shaft runner would interact tangentially a large number of fluid jets? Obviously not! Axis of the runner just might move fluid and energy expenditure would be huge ... this is where the current Cam Motors ...,- massive magnetic core packages and the stator and rotor windings, which with high power costs are tortured to interact angular, but with large hysteresis losses, Foucault currents, retardation of demagnetizare and forces that occur contraelectromotoare between stator and rotor moments of inertia of rotor greoiul suffering classic, etc, etc, etc ... Andreea is amazed that the solutions obtained in secret research activities are implemented ... There is a game of interests aici.Din (...) Fortunately contemporary Romania is faced with serious economic problems and they advertise immediate and highly efficient solutions that also be cheap and accessible technology standpoint, etc..

I said, fortunately ", because it would be the current state of crisis, nor would have questioned the removal, from naphthalene" of such invention (some of them have already respectable age of ... 40-45 years!) which were strictly secret so long, can I give you today the way the mouth is precisely to put seriously question the use of these inventions, probably the first applications will be restricted, in the field of military technology and civilian applications but for restricted categories of beneficiaries, like the Presidency, Senate, etc., - but whether the first applications will be made in a very small circle, will be a major step forward! Of 35-40-45 years inventions in certain cases the research were deeply buried and only a few people from around the country have direct access to such information. I hope that very soon, the legal status of these data suffer a significant change, because then I can finally come out publicly without reluctance - on TV, in newspapers, internet, etc..


"Zero Point Energy" - is a notion that indirectly launched a Nikola Tesla, he also proposed and even built the first "Zero Point Modules." Or "generating zero", after you experience the atmospheric energy converters, goals and power amplifiers / klystron frequency type (device invented by Tesla, indeed ...). But true ZPM's were to be built and tested only at the beginning anilor'70 in Belgia.Personal I had the opportunity to recover one of the first laboratory in experimental models tested in 1972 by Belgium, it worked.

These sites use a ZPM material extraction, which is usually an ultrapure chemical element, and to make removal of the electric charge using a phenomenon of resonance and background emission (space) that is found everywhere in the universe, the alleged represent the residual emission coming from the Big Bang or at the time of creation of material universului.Ulterior in 1975, experiments on ZPM moved to France where they were recorded in 1976 results fulminating, being built two devices different experiments, with large performante.In press time only two articles have appeared isolated and contain many elements of misinformation deliberately introduced by the authors, because fans can not successfully reproduce the experiments. However, the technical information Yet that was passed and over, the iron curtain "on that date, so that already in 1982, even one who invented the engine magnetic" write a technical memorandum on the topic, considering the source of power for engine power or ...

Loock, ZPM's have already been invented, they currently use electricity as sources of secret aerospace vehicle, present significant generation of high voltages and frequencies, ad processing ancillary equipment / electricity conversion, if high power, these devices emit harmful radiation and are therefore necessary to adopt special shielding enclosures. However, ZPM devices are not driving or conversion of some energy in kinetic energy, are sources of electricity.

If you mount the car also a ZPM, all you need is a group that has fueled electric power plant and convert electrical energy into kinetic energy of the rotating element (spindle-motor, shaft, wheels, etc.). Current electric motors are still reliable enough to be adopted as traction motors on land vehicles, they can be used only on small distances, have poor endurance, eat excessively, are highly sensitive and uncertain in operation, not having toughness and resistance to efforts to internal combustion engine ...

Therefore, you need a new engine type and then only new types of power supplies for magnetic acesta.Motorul has a very low electricity consumption, which does not raise major problems in choosing the power source - if you really need to put a ZPM, OK, it can - so just as ZPM's are currently still classified, they are for now only the preserve of amateurs SF, although in practice they were invented almost 100 years ago and now successfully tried cca.38 years.

1, - magnetic field and energy which he develops, is not "drawn" but converted into another form of energy, the term 'extraction' usually refers to the consumer, for a good conversion efficiency are needed two conditions: the existence of at least two pole pieces, or two magnets so that their lines interpozitionati field to form a uniform magnetic field (for it is necessary a special configuration of the polar parts and a specific direction of their polarization) and finally, - field lines to be fully enclosed within a magnetic device, this means that if the path graphic field lines, they will take as little from open areas, air, etc. - but will close on the geometry of the magnetic yokes and pole pieces them;

2, - the only space remains so-called 'intrefier "located between the pole pieces, in this space will range intrefier runner element reaction, 3, - conversion of magnetic energy into kinetic energy is not using coils,-as I said in a previous message, just this is the big mistake of all categories and types of conventional electric motors, are best used magnetic core, so non-permanent magnet made of sheets of Iron-Silicon, on these packages not responsive magnetic sheets to make any winding, it is cut in a specific geometry totally atypical compared to all the currently known in the field of electrical engineering, being arranged on a yoke of special shape and the integrated geometric parts Clamps polar-location of these packages being made in magnetic reactive intrefierul parts which are the source of the polar magnetic field,

4, - how common field lines of the minimum two tracks cross polar intrefierul, generate magnetization in a certain direction of polarization elements located in intrefier reaction, which is more and independent from one another, each will react to form a vector angular independent, the variation of reluctance (due to empty space - air - the reactive elements) will participate in rotor dynamics, in the sense of its kinetic force amplification, in the end is a sum vector of angular momenta which add magnetomotoare force caused by a variation in the item reluctance rotor, - and here, we convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy of element rotation,

5, - maintenance movement ... I said that field lines must be perfectly closed, so the magnetic device is static, fixed, no moving parts, mobile element - which by the desire to describe a movement of translation, rotation, etc. - comes intrefierul located in the polar parts, as a separate component of the unit, otherwise the source of the magnetic field is static and has provided perfect closure of magnetic yokes field lines, if it is electromagnetic, electric current operation is maintained by the excitation of polar components, if it is permanent magnets, they will work as long as the material will not be "demagnetize" - the magnets are good quality ademagnetizarea produced in many years ... practice, the movement not so much because you wear limits of mechanical components - shaft, bearings, moving-parts, etc.Pe the other hand, warming the engine components negatively affect the magnetic qualities material and yield.

In what concerns the performance of current electric motors tested by some companies ... do not want to repeat what I said in the message precedent.Daca these engines are placed in large series production, this is not due primarily to lack of power sources capable of being loaded (for better or worse-electrical sources exist ...) but engine reliability are still too small to replace the internal combustion engine. The engine is robust, with good reliability, power consumption very low yield good etc.Niciunul of traditional electric motors do not even approach these criteria ....

More than any other person, are fully aware of the risks and implications, discussions that deal currently have a number of applications in the restricted "strategic level", - energogene intervention groups for the exorbitant cost of replacement power plants Classical (supplied with gas from Russia / Ukraine via Transnistria and which every day becomes more expensive, not to mention that was always an object of blackmail in the policies of Transnistria, Ukraine and Russia to Romania) as therefore needed in parallel development of technologies which allow intervention in case of emergency rescue in the national energy system.

A magnetic motor of the kind we have talked about is capable of a minimum return of 7 hp / kg of magnetic core, which means a ton of magnetic core (ie an industrial gauge engine) could develop cca.40 Mw. .. The national power and secure from the Russian-Ukrainian blackmail, represents interests yet strategice.Nu problem arises with this type of engine output at the table, but may have and military applications such as for example - Motor vehicles special technique the fight, and I am referring to so-called "strategic weapon", which have paramount importance in the political-military scene in obtaining and ensuring the rule.

However, to be used, I want to get into negotiations now ... At small, either ... Just the strategic level applications or ... Only by special military formations or by some secret service or ... I am not in a position to dictate or conditioning, to impose ... I'm struggling to work out the dust of archives to give finally a public utility, be it only in the small of special services in militarized regime, etc.. it would be a step forward, even if the road map would remain still so long ...

A: The proper magnets are called permanent magnets, which are obtained by alloying and casting the melt under and immediately after casting molds but after deducting the Curie point (temperature at which ferromagnetic substances lose their magnetic properties), polarized magnetic-being , these alloys are mainly composed of magnetite (FeO and Fe2O3) but also from other elements, Earth contains much magnetite but does not mean that it would be established with certainty that this is due to the natural magnetism - earth's magnetic field lines formed with north at an angle with the horizontal site called declination and inclination angle called - see attached maps; Magnets can create and using induction, and given the characteristics of the material undergo magnetization - is about so-called "magnetic permeability" best classical magnetic permeability in electrical engineering is a soft iron, but ferromagnetic substances are also and nickel, cobalt, gradoliniul, etc.. magnetisation observed for a given graph - see attachment, taking into account the so-called magnetization curve and magnetic properties go under that material to near its magnetic saturation.

Open the attachment and look at the charts there - following the curve of magnetisation can be observed that if the field strength increases, increased induction of increasingly încet.În its upper part, the curve becomes almost a straight line and induction increase even slowly while continuing to field strength so crească.Sa reached almost saturation magnetic ... The one piece of steel - for example - is magnetic temporarily, but due to the phenomenon of residence which has a high value on good quality ferromagnetic materials.

Yes, the magnetization coils are used in dc powered magnetisation processes according to material, may require a longer or shorter, its value is found experimentally and întabelată. Correct: "The one piece of steel - for example - is magnetic temporarily, but due to the phenomenon of residence which has a high value on good quality ferromagnetic materials - will remain magnetized for a long time, depending on its magnetic calitatăţile.

The Rest Of The Text

Motors' classic, although it called "power" - not converted (directly) electricity into mechanical work, such a transformation are not only an electrostatic motors, whose runner element (or elements ... "kinetic", regardless of how motion that you made) is driven by the electric field propiu itself. motors so-called "power" are actually "electromagnetic" - they use (often) the interaction of magnetic fields generated by stator and rotor electromagnets, whether are inducing or induced, therefore the interaction of magnetic fields and eventually achieve a so-called "traveling magnetic field, is the source of force which is converted into kinetic energy. They are known as" magnetic motors ", those systems of power that uses permanent magnets based on the interaction of magnetic fields generated, or the variation "magnetic resistance (reluctance), such as presented in post anterioară.Cel engines often use these engines and power supply but only for certain portions of circuit excitation Finam or to supply switching equipment.

In conclusion, called "magnetic motor" (which is based on conversion of magnetic field) is correct even for conventional engines, they are more improriu called "power" than would be named "magnetic" ...

Yes, some models utiliează electricity in the form of pulse sequence and the rest, the magnetic field generated by permanent magnets; the model Public pemanenţi magnet motors, none is "supraunitar" or even "uniform" in terms of output .. . For example, a variable reluctance motor built by brothers Jarret like Him, for mechanical power developed in the spindle-motor, having equivalent value of 1 kW power, will spend cca.1 .25-1, 4 kW electrical power own itself, the benefits consist of compaction, technological simplicity, speed developed, low weight (a good ratio of weight per horse-power) and others.

There are magnetic motors supraunitare, but those are not public and you can not find on the Internet or other public data bases, operating principle is quite simple - two stator pole pieces configured to fully close the field lines, generating a magnetic field is closed yokes these polar components, in an item is ready întrefier reagent (reacting to the action of the magnetic field) of a completely unusual configuration and whose parts give rise to moments (force) that can express the vector .

Vector sum of these forces leading to a resultant force in the same direction apliicaţie and legally can be really high value electricity consumed for excitation of polar components, when using permanent magnets instead of electromagnets, then the engine just does not consume nothing ... But, I repeat, these schemes were not and are not approved for publication at this time. Not bathrooms,-who wants to make a magnetic motor car engine can still use the reluctance Jarret variable brothers, following the electric power generation using special electrochemical sources - and I mean the source of secondary lead-acid electrochemical bipolar electrodes and electrolyte granulate gelations; nesulfatabil battery, inexpensive and has a much higher capacity than that the classical battery, so you can store large amounts of electricity in a more compact volume, providing a sufficient reserve for minimum 6-7 hours of engine operation.

A: "magnetic energy" - but let us and explain this concept, because I saw that is controversial ... As if the electric field, magnetic field is accompanied by an energy under the laws of physics to produce a field of force must produce a mechanical work, the permanent magnets produced work is intimate, the atomic and molecular structure of the material by its polarization, the electromagnet work is produced by electric current intensity I, which creates at least one of the circuit on selfinducţie through it, - that is why the formula is simplified magnetic energy Wm = [(L) x (I) ^ 2] / 2, so the product of inductance L and the square of the electric current intensity, supra

2.Mai far, introducing the relation The above formula for calculating the inductance we learn that:-magnetic energy is contained in the volume of magnetic material; -bearer of magnetic energy is magnetic field, in processing the kinetic magnetic energy, the general formula, estimates used in practice, is: F = [(B / 5000) ^ 2] x S, ie the product of the square and report B/5000 value of surface field lines crossed by the details I did because I noticed the tendency of some to deny the concept of "magnetic energy" ... although it is recognized and devoted itself to classical physics ...! no question of any analogy between gravity and magnetic field - if we mean strictly in the application of these fields of force within a system of converting the mechanical energy.

A: I do not mean anything but ... what I said in other occasions - that this engine was built in Romania (Romanian not claim any exclusivity, but I confine myself only to the documentation that I had personal access. ..) since 1972-1973 in the research and experiments that have stretched over several years, has been tested in 1983-1984 using a Dacia 1300 and a TV, after which the material was seized and taken out of the reach publicului.Nu I have not personally had any shallow-water in research activities which led to the invention and design of the engine, I only had the privilege of being one of the few who could read the file of research regarding this laborious work technical, more than what would have to comment ...? We talked about it ...

1, - the conclusion is false, or at least can not be considered axiomatic, as I described earlier principled magnetic engine made in 1973, it has two fixed polar components (stator) made after the desire of electromagnets or magnets permanenţi.Nu was no mechanism approach / removal of magnetic poles ... "magnetic motors" based on "principle" that are fully online and not working for any color, most often because the energy spent to achieve these alternative movements of polar components, the too mare.Un other operating principle applied to magnetic motors is that of achieving a periodic variation of the "magnetic resistance (reluctance) by it being possible to obtain a kinetic energy applied to a particular direction, the gravitational energy have not necessarily with the condition laid down by you - but only as necessary: to have a material point characterized by mass ...

A: So this engine does not consume anything but the magnetic energy stored in permanent magnets, while they demagnetizându is (or not?), I understand you? 2 - Da.Teoretic ... Basically, there are a number of mechanical limitations related to the bearings, seals, lubrication, heat, wear and limitations made by other machinery within the scheme ...

My intelligence is a matter that does not put in question, being able to measure the and quantify in any way - although I saw that were made by some attempts to set all sorts of methods in this regard. .. opinion yours does not understand - I never claimed that I had 'learned', those in personal correspondence asked me to submit my formal training, he will reiterate what I said here on this occasion: -- I graduated in law and I specialized in forensic (judicial ballistic) - initially worked in Aviation, but health reasons I had to abandon at some point this area of activity;

- Still cca.20 years ago, in circumstances that do not mention, I got to be tangentially involved with special character - at first just to experiment, then in research, I was never part of the collective were composed exclusively of engineers in some areas, but I saw they did and slowly I had access to their documentation - most of the people who formed the collective ceretare meanwhile died or were permanently withdrawn of activity and other collective also have been formed by December 1989, remaining only a few who in one way or another have had access to such records and therefore had the opportunity to know some technical details , etc..

Personally, I have not invented anything and I would never dare to give me as an inventor and my claim on the intellectual work done in decades of research by others ... I claimed something to me so far? There are "scholar", "inventor" or something like this - nor do I claim it, is one of the few who have had access to certain research records were and are still kept well away from the public. I read, compared, I documented, I reread, I looked on the experiments, in some cases I have restored some of the experiments - I finally understood why and how they have been, in all this activity I had support many engineers in different fields, including military engineers, whose advice was often needed.

As I have said to others that I îmmpărtăşit such views (kind of views very widely, indeed ...), - you have access to what's "market" and ... the market is Conventional technology finds you eat make your money and strict dependence on a limited circle of potentates - and in addition, a lot of nonsense and scams that studded the web and we talked about, I do not want to repeat. .. I have had access to other information and I rely on other "sources" research collectives to which I referred on several occasions but were not merely theoretical and experimental research - but they are all my information and things that I know.

What can I make you yours or others who have opinions similar to yours ...? "The work of persuasion"? Propaganda activities? How can I make you believe what you do not want to believe and finally - why do that!? I would serve something ...? I joined the forum and I presented what I know and I have no categorical prohibition ... The other day I received a tough warning from an individual, which I cited some articles of law which I had and sent the attachment to e-mail ... That is - some things bother him. On why you not bother you - as I say "not yet have solutions" very well, this ruling is a solution ...

As much as I could describe - I have already described, close reading all posts on this topic. In short - it's at least two pairs of stator poles 2 + 2 parts, attached to yokes magnetic closure ensures a perfect field lines; they are circular configuration and whether the electromagnets are wound in a completely atypical of what is known classical electric motors, the region is positioned element întrefier runner (if desired motion is the rotation .. .) which is traveled by field lines formed by the four elements (two pairs) stator - can make an analogy with hydraulic or wind turbines are placed in the "lines of force" generated by the flow of a fluid jet ...

The rotor is a reaction and conversion of magnetic energy into kinetic energy (as well as classic traditional turbine systems, fluid or thermodynamic energy conversion), it will produce movement, useful work ... Where does the energy in the system. ..!?! The magnetic energy that we talked and that depends on the volume of magnetic material, the area crossed by field lines in the region întrefier, the magnetic qualities of the material, its temperature (The more cold the better .. .), etc.. In the case of electromagnets, the electrical current can be used but only for sequential excitation in the form of pulses of current - power supply is therefore required to provide the power necessary to drive the runner element as desired.

The engine experienced in 1983 have the ability to generate 7 hp per kg of magnetic core - so the energy of a kg of magnetic material can be converted into useful kinetic energy, this value conversion ratio ... In 1984, Division IV the Security, namely CI Service - seized all experimental devices and so we got a few years later I know them, we investigated these "objects" and accompanying documentation files. I saw and understood what it was about ; more than that .. what to say? There are a lot of things all the repeat ...

know very well the laws relating to intellectual protection in general and in particular the protection of inventions by patent as it appears in the Law no.64 of 1991, Law nr.32/1996 and all other acts related ... Anyway, thanks for hint! invention has been patented by its true author - but not the legal aspect-intellectual patrimony is now the most important aspect but the impact on the interests of certain groups ... So at the moment, we failed to convince those in a position to give me the necessary authorizations, the beneficial aspect of such an initiative, they have their interests are related to large-scale business flying currently ongoing, and entry of such an engine is considered disturbing. legal standpoint, it obtained a court order (for the material after the Court of Bucharest) that would give me the right certification and use the invention contained in the file secret research institution which is currently înarhivează will have to approve the declassification of its first to be presented to a court, under the law, the court may authorize the use of patents and industrial / commercial invention of another author, if passed a certain period and proof that the author has provided no necessary interest in all that time, the legal protection of his invention, is also longer and proof that there is clear capacity to raise the invention with pricina.Se resolve this legal formality - but first will be declassified dossier to be raised before a civil court, and I refer here not to publish technical information contained in this file, but the official recognition of its existence by institution is archived! As long as I still throw in cheek that they confuse businesses, in fact some threaten me and - of course I will not have anything else to do than to talk in the forums and possibly goals in May and go as false or imposter ... That is ... There are a number of issues that go beyond me.

As I have said, even brief exposure of early ... on the concept of "magnetic energy" and the general principle of engine speaking, - for "magnetic energy" if we take the case electromagnet, the work is product of current intensity I traveled a circuit that produces the selfinducţie. We have the energy (magnetic) equal to the product of inductance and so square electric current intensity divided by 2 and further, if inserted into the formula and see the expression for calculating the inductance that the magnetic field energy is proportional to the volume of magnetic core. bearer magnetic energy is magnetic field, it is configured according to field lines, "moving" them through the magnetic material and closing yokes field, the one that gives rise to potential energy - as moving "lines of force" all forms of water or wind energy potential.

The arrangement of field lines in such an element of reaction (as by analogy or wind turbine ...) will lead to conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy that the rotating element - if it is rotating about. It is not of any "magnetic shielding (if you read my first post on this topic you have seen combat from the start that" ETHODS "...) nor any movement of the pole pieces (magnets ...) in various differentiated positions during rotation of 360 degrees.

I got this problem already, was made a small demonstration engine with three pairs of polar components and now await the arrival from abroad of the components in a serious engine - 250 hp minimum, sadly had to found unable to do this engine in Romania - most factories were dismantled and no longer going to be a master and one-something "in gravy", now remaining only a few properly equipped workshops, but put the condition of large series production and for small series or unique, requires some exorbitant prices ... In addition, working with special materials and configurations - that need processing by EDM and cutting laser.Doar abroad I could succeed to find business partners without knowing what specific work should be able to make parts of one-off affordable, appropriate amount of material and difficulty of processing performed.

You spin on matters of general and abstract theory, I talk about practical aplicaţiii. Inventor with because of done a circuit containing four polar components including the yokes inserted according to certain configurations of closures of lines of response and conversion câmp.Elementul "magnetic energy" is so-so set that is ordered in all parts of it have întrefier each pole pieces. The direction of movement of field lines, magnetic energy acts on a different direction in each area întrefier and uniform motion in a single direction of movement is achieved by vector summation.

Magnetic engine is a geometric solution, you need to know how to configure and how to interpoziţionezi components of such a system to have an energy converting continuous rotary motion. The magnetic field could be considered "static", but the classical scheme single magnet, "all the simple secret" that was eventually to take four stator magnets of a particular form of atypical polarization direction (to what the market is now close to geometry mentioned) and he brought in a circuit magnetic unit through yokes leaving many regions it is willing întrefier one single runner reactive element - vector, the same forces that his act amounts to the same direction of rotation.

The thing with wind and water ... were mere abstract analogies, not trying to argue that magnetic field lines were moving and some transmission belts or fillets fluid pressure ... Obviously filings begins to move which is located on the map as a magnet, but a runner element on which the magnetic field act simultaneously in several different regions but which are added together in the same direction of rotation - well, YES, this element is mechanically rotates! And that without the magnetic field lines become mobile like where air or water ...

In the situation of Vuia (French Academy representatives told him that "the achievement of aircraft heavier than air is a chimera, where even the birds flying academy court -" devices "nature - inevitably heavier than air ...) or of Vlaicu, etc. - there is unfortunately a big difference: they were considered eccentric or even mad, but nobody bothered to achieve such an aircraft. That is why they brought the device flight demonstration, conducted with private funding - have received the necessary recognition and Vlaicu - even financing to continue its work. If my mind - is not that those who maintain the system of classification of information it believes that this work is stupid on the contrary.

She was the inventor removed by force (in the case and the law of 1984, it was so-what, author intervening death in 1993 ...) about the way people were taken and other goods - and not for the invention would have been a stupid, inept one, etc. - quite the contrary. can clarify the current legal situation and will clarify when oportun.Este essential to high-powered engine variants (hundreds PA) to take the next step , and I take care of it.

No, today I have only a rudimentary model about the size of a 1-liter cans and is made according to the original scheme in 1973, because I was more easily accessible, but it does not make virtually anything - can not be more than one kind of "motoraş showcases" as the engine's water Ruşeţel. Do not want to go on his way Ruşeţel, I want to go directly to the public with a practical model, applicable car, but costs are significant and can submit only step-by-step, as they take the money.

Fueled by electricity, spinning ... Like any electric motor. I am not the type to post on You Tube or sensational material sent to sites dealing with unconventional and free-energy technologies and other things dynasty. This thing is concrete and put somewhat as follows:
1, - achieve a practical application engine, fully-tuned and adapted commercial,
2, - forming a consortium comprising private and business, including state institutions,
3, - to obtain legal protection through judicial decision rendered by the Court Bucharest can not raise the issue of legal protection from patent because it not only an inventor may ask - now the legal situation is different;
4, - approval of the project and obtain financing from EU funds specifically for such activities, funds for Romania currently lie unused and the risk of us being withdrawn at a time,
5, - an agreement between the consortium and the company / firms producing engines / machines - which produces and market variations finally agreed to be marketable.

Let us take them in turn:

(1) - for this engine, aided by some engineers and using original documentation inventor and research dossier which he led since 1973, I made drawings and design calculation for a few hundred hp engine, the system adjustable traction, since now more than a month have divided and that documentation submitted by some partners abroad and whose works are sent to mediation by a number of providers selected by early November, yet here of România.Până currently part of the submitted orders have not even answered more yes - but require steep prices and are in the process of obtaining money, the simplest works - but essential - could already is, for the inventor in 1983-1984 was simple - work in research and not simply make a list of the necessary, the Romanian state - as socialist as was ...- bear all necessary expenses and fund the research work, for us .. or not enter into discussion so something ...

(2) - members of the consortium are already known today and talked separately with each of them, have accepted three private companies, a department of the Polytechnic and a couple of research institutions - so far, maybe win the others after we come with something more concrete ...

(3) - if it involves and the Romanian state in this business (and here is a backstage fight - the belief that unoir swell to share informal thing) you can get without just and necessary judicial decision;

(4) - about the same general remarks and the release EU funds to finance research, this money would not give the commercial production (as legalmente not allowed ...) but for research to establish a business model for this engine, "commercial" means - to provide certainty and ease of operation, not even a good performance too, have parts and parts that can easily be industrially produced and exchanged by the user, the operation's be such as wear involve some parts or subassemblies, and thus replaced after a reasonable period of time, etc., etc.

(5) - after there business model, he need and taken as such by a large manufacturer machines or engines to be introduced in series production and sold through sales network ...

Immediately after crossing the stage of legal protection, we may publish (magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, advertising, Internet) basic scientific and technical data on this engine: Schedule of principle, theoretical basis, benchmarking against all other "electric motors "built so far, etc., etc.. MotoraÅŸul which is on my desk - next to computer - can be anything in a movie You Tube: a box with an axle that spins and has shown that electric wire supply Hodoronc-thump, - such an image would not say anybody anything ... I hope that little by little I managed to get out of this situation and go through the steps above

The problem was and is ... a political, Romanian magnetic engine was developed and tested in the period 1983-1984 research work being financed entirely by the State, via ICPE-Bucharest and ICEMENERG (where he worked at all inventor) why after finding of this outstanding performance propulsion system, were immediately confiscated all the experimental devices, documents and other evidence and research program was immediately stopped and the composition of the team that researchers were deliberately posted to service all over Romania, although all were originally from Bucharest!?! Because the work was handed over to ICE Danube to be sold in the West as industrial, but which was finally achieved and the ICE Felix, who deals with contracts and negotiations of this kind

And today is a political issue ... I am not one type or another, "came the raft" - I had and still have some family relationships and different type of relationship to "high level" last year I stressed particularly the (re) public release of this technical and scientific work was well buried, but I woke up with some virulent reactions from some - I have some doors slammed in my face, I was cut off funding we had, I woke up and suspicious messages from certain circles of interest - which started to threaten me more or less voalat.Åži look so ... The problem is not primarily that of money - the money will come .., more or less, the basic problem is that the acceptance of top-placed to allow public release of this invention with a particular economic, social and. .. moral.

Magnetic energy is consumed - but slowly, the high quality permanent magnets are needed for years to reduce this energy. In the commodity price - look what e. .. If you manage to reveal and publicly launch the ancient Romanian invention,-it will not ultimately be done only with the participation of the above made clear that they want to gain from it rather than actually gaining in doing gas natural oil and pray, how they are currently spinning ... I fear that they will arrange things so kind as to not be too ieftin.Eu ...!?! I'd even manage to go through the steps mentioned in previous posts - to make this business a public issue, of general application in the national economy of such a magnetic engine manages an efficient conversion of magnetic energy into kinetic energy, for 1 meter-cube of the magnetic core (ie cca.8 tons) making 40 MW power output!

If you solve even the legal one, in that time I will allow to post detailed technical information not only ... support that can be trusted or not by those who read them. Anyway, I used to absolutely nothing to people lie on this issue - especially since it is the internet and already full of lies and all sorts of scams ... Do not ask money from anyone, even if we have really difficult from this point of view - it is our job, the circle now. A falling international oil market, any new large-scale attack or a serious blow to business interests multinational oil - would act as an excellent backdrop for the launch of this business and local orioles could suddenly look so much more receptive to something ...

When you open this program ICEMENERG team (of which was also the inventor and leader of the program) and ICPE, just beat it and fuss about it initially obtained approval: RSR energy independence from the USSR, where massive import -- as now also - natural gas, etc., so it started off, just in this idea ...! WHO in PCR so aggressively intervened to thwart the program to ensure total independence from the USSR!?! Perhaps all those who spoke a few years later for removal of Ceausescu's Communist Party leadership ... Those who lead us today .., c'est à dire.

If we assume that the density of a permanent magnet based on rare earth is 11.5 grams / cc, and as 1 meter-cube has 1,000,000 cc, an apparent mass of 11,500 kg / cubic meter-but only 100 kg mean weight of volume of about 0.008695652 of a meter-cube, assuming magnetic energy value of 200,000 Joules per meter-cube, we obtain a value for 1739.130435 Joule-0.00869 cubic meters - cca.178 Kgf. m but the same is a purely theoretical value taking the intrinsic strength of the magnet, the magnet is used to calculate lift and other computer items including area crossed by field lines, where a permanent magnet motor that area can be very high and it by a particular configuration of component parts and rotor pole crossed by field lines. The permanent magnets based on rare earth, induction often exceeds the value of 15,000 Gauss and the area where field lines act depends on engine size and how it was configured, if you engine I have in mind from the outset was intended to obtain a maximum for S, so the geometry of engine components is so kind. If we have B = 15,000 Gs and S = 300 sq. cm, the force developed is of the order of 2700 Kgf.
I will tell you the most essential part of this motor, as told by the romanian user "Gilldarida". Yes, he is "Lucian Cozma" but I dont know if it is his real name.
In the 1970-es a group of the best romanian electrical engineers tried to make an electric car out of the standard romanian car of that time, the Dacia 1300. They chose the electric motor with VARIABLE RELUCTANCE of the Jarret brothers, which was the best electric motor of those times, and tried to improve it in order to gest best possible torque. They studied that motor and tried to eliminate all weak points, back-EMFs and so on. Finally they came to the conclusion that, in order to get the best performance, there should be NO STEADY MAGNETIC POLES on the rotor. They built many variants until they discovered the way of making the OU magnetic motor, which was NOT their initial intention. The first working version of the magnetic motor had electromagnets on the stator. They also invented a powerful and not sulphatable lead acid battery to power the electromagnets of the motor and so, with little electric energy consumed from the battery, they made the car Dacia 1300 to run tens of hours at full speed WITHOUT depleting the battery. The motor was OU !
Immediately after reporting that performance, the romanian secret service called "Securitate" confiscated all documentation and research materials (about two sacks full of technical files) and the whole thing was strictly classified!!! That is what all secret services do, isnt it? No matter if the country was communist or capitalist, the people were not allowed to get knowledge of the best inventions. Where is the democracy (power of the people) here?
So, even if we do not know the real blueprint of the motor, we know enough to start experimenting.
FORGET all magnetic motors with (electro)magnets on the rotor ! They are performance-killers!
Also forget all types of magnetic shielding. This is NOT the right solution. The right solution was long ago discovered, the magnetic motor of the eng. Nicolae Moraru and his team delivered 7 HP for every Kg. of magnetic material involved! How is that possible? Magnetism is a CONSERVATIVE FORCE that means it NEVER gets depleted!!! Of course the permanent magnets lose their power over the yers, but that is NOT due to the depletion of the magnetism itself, it happens because of the faults of the magnetic materials involved.
After thinking about the conditions told by the user Gilldarida (who must have been in the secret service and had access to the original files) I came up with an idea of how to make the magnetic motor. I made a sketch BUT: this is only an idea, I dont know how it really was. Sorrowfully I have no money for experimenting myself so somebody else please experiment and find the right solution and put it here for free. You will not be able to make money out of it if you discover the right way of building, because politicians will not allow such motors on the civilian (or even military) market. User "Gilldarida" said that he wanted the romanian politicians to consider getting that old magnetic motor on the market, for solving the energy crisis in Romania, but the politicians did not want that, of course. I guess that is why he went public with the general information about the magnetic motor, to put some pressure on the politicians, but until now he has had no success, to my knowledge.
No, it is NOT 7 Mach.   1 qm of propeller surface does not mean that the propeller must have 1 meter diameter. And one can make many small propellers and put them one behind the other, making a compressor, which is what they really made.

--- Quote from: Cloxxki on September 20, 2009, 02:33:59 PM ---Sounds promising, thanks!

Looking at that 1m2 propellor, when you make the effort to turn it at 30,000rpm (x10 of propellor crafts I found on first google page)...
You're already looking at Mach 7 or so at the wingtips, according to my head calculation. For that to bring tons of thrust, doesn't seem so odd at first glance? Someone with more aerodynamic knowledge will surely and hopefully correct me. If it would then reach a state of OU and self-powering, that would be most significant. But, an OU airplane will need a nice start-up battery to make 30,000rpm I would guess :-)

Can't wait to read the translated texts! If it's in Dutch or German, I can try and help out to make it English.

--- End quote ---
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