Anhang B: Benutzte Newmanliteratur

a) Technische Fachartikel

[1] Joseph Newman: The Energymachine of Joseph Newman, J. Newman Publishing Company, New Orleans

[2] Dr. R. Hastings: Measurement and Analysis of Joseph Newman's Energy Generator,Burnsville, Minnesota

[3] J. Newman Publishing Company: Demonstration of the Newman Motor's Greater Output Power Than External Input Power, 20.5.1985

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b) Populärwissenschaftliche Artikel etc.:

[17] PCT Anmeldung W083/00963 : Energy Generation System Having Higher Energy Output Than Input, Inventor J. Newman, Anmeldungsdatum: 17.3.1983

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c) benutzte Video Tapes :

1. Newman Publishing Company: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman, 68 minutes, Television News Reports, 1985

2. Newman Publishing Company: The Energy Machine, Spezial 17 Minute News Tape

3. Newman Publishing Company: Lousiana State University Presentation (Item #3), 25.2.1986

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6. Hartwell Video Products: Successful Demonstration of the Electric Automobile of Joe Newman, 14.3.1987