A DIY Water Motor

This is a Paper Model Kit for a proof-of-Concept Water Motor, a working Osmosis Motor. It operates for Weeks with a single Liter of Water. A Computer and a Printer and some common Household Materials are required to build it.

The Product contains:
In Order to build this Motor some additional common and cheap Household Materials are required (E.g. Pins, Paperclips etc.).

Great for School Science Projects, Classrooms and Hobby Scientists!

NEW! Includes 3 Styles: Scientific, Egypt, Celtic


-The Motor may not work under extreme Temperature or Humidity Conditions.
-The Motor is fragile and weak.
-Use inside, do not expose to Weather.
-The Motor may run slowly and pause for Seconds frequently.
-Some Parts must be readjusted from Time to Time.
-Some Parts made of Paper may be considered depleted after a few Weeks of
continous Operation (The Design allows to replace them easily).
-This is not a Perpetuum Mobile since it turns Heat into mechanical Energy and runs by Cooling the Enviroment.
-The Construction of this Motor made of Paper and other common Household and Office Materials
requires some basic Skills in assembling Paper Models etc.
-The Assembly of the Motor may take a few Hours of your Time.

Great for School Science Projects, Classrooms and Hobby Scientists!

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